The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Company Needs a Mobile App in 2023

April 2, 2024

As a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the real estate industry, we at HomeStack understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That's why we believe that every real estate company in 2023 needs a custom real estate app. I know that's a shocking statement for a company that builds mobile apps. But if you hear me out, I will provide 5 reasons to back up my statement.  The benefits of having a mobile app from HomeStack are numerous, and we're here to break down the top five reasons why.

  1. A real estate app can greatly enhance customer engagement and experience.
    With personalized property searches, virtual tours, custom push notifications, and in-app chat messaging, you can offer your clients a unique and seamless experience. Did you know that there is a 92% engagement rate with push notifications to your phone?  By keeping consumers connected throughout the buying or selling process, you can increase engagement and satisfaction.
  1. Having a real estate app can increase your visibility and accessibility
    Your clients can easily search for and download your custom real estate app, download it from all your marketing content and your agents can easily share download links. Not all apps however are the same. Many apps for real estate agents are not custom branded or do not have your logo and name in the app store. With HomeStack you do. You can offer features such as push notifications and location-based services to make it even easier for them to find and connect with you. This increased visibility and accessibility can lead to more leads and conversions for your business.
88% of all screen time is people engaging or spending their time on a mobile app

  1. A real estate app can streamline communication and organization
    By centralizing all your real estate client and prospect data, property data, and chat communication in one place, you can improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Again, not all app for realtors are the same here either. Many real estate apps don’t have the ability to target push notifications or allow for in app chat between the agent and consumer. But in HomeStack you can. You can also use your custom real estate app to automate certain processes, such as scheduling property viewings or sending reminders to clients, which can save you time and improve your productivity.
  1. A real estate app can enhance your marketing and branding efforts
    You will have core features such as property listings, virtual tours, and neighborhood and school information. But you can also use your real estate app to promote your real estate business with branded content, personalized messaging, and custom menus linking to your unique content extending your expertise in the real estate marketplace. These marketing and branding efforts can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more real estate clients to your business.
  1. Having a real estate app can future-proof your business and give you a competitive advantage
    As more people rely on their smartphones for everything from shopping to socializing, having a real estate app has become a necessity rather than a luxury. 88% of all mobile screen time is people using mobile apps. Have you thought about how often you are on your phone or how often it is attached to you? By investing in apps for real estate agents now, you can ensure that your real estate business stays ahead of the curve and remains competitive in the years to come.

At HomeStack, we believe that a real estate app is an essential tool for every real estate company in 2023 and beyond. By providing innovative technology solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations, we're committed to helping our realtors stay ahead of the curve.

- Alex Jacobs, VP of Business Development at HomeStack, LinkedIn

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