Leading with Intention & Tech: Zandra Ulloa’s Strategies that Led to $3 Billion in Real Estate Sales

April 3, 2024
Client Spotlight

Zandra Ulloa is the founder of  who just hit $3 Billion in sales. She is also a real estate influencer, an @cheplaklive coach, and a mother of 3. How has she done it all? According to Zandra, 10+ hard-working years in real estate. But it was her mindset shift to view “challenges” as gifts, learning to lead with intention, and creating systems for her real estate tech like her Team Z Home Search App (built by HomeStack) that she started to work smarter, not harder, and make it all look effortless.

Watch or read on to learn how Zandra and her real estate team have gained 1000+ App Users, created an A+ Vendors Guide, and used the data and buyer insights they gain from their real estate app to better connect with clients - young and old.

Running a successful real estate business is not about doing what you THINK will work - it's about recreating and implementing what we KNOW works.
Zandra advises that you don’t need to reinvent the real estate technology wheel, simply find out what real estate app or real estate CRM other successful teams and brokerages in your network are using and implement them.

“I'm a part of the Cheplak Digital coaching platform and I knew several mega-producing real estate teams from that community that built a white-label real estate app with HomeStack. Doing business is not about doing what you THINK will work, it's about recreating what you KNOW works. We wanted to achieve the next level of success, so we examined what systems work, and building an app for our realtors where they can be on their client's phones 24/7 with HomeStack has honestly knocked it out of the park. We knew it was a slam dunk when we realized we could set it and forget it, then tweak it and modify it and make it better. We are very proud of what we have built, but we continue to evolve and stay innovative in everything we do at Team Z and HomeStack has allowed that for us to happen.”

Real-time is money. Our real estate app, allows us to know exactly when a client is on the real estate hunt. 
For Zandra and her real estate agents, leveraging their real estate mobile app allows them to have a pulse on their clients every moment of making the decision to buy or sell a house, allowing them to be top-of-mind - morning, noon & night.

“Every real estate agent on Team Z’s favorite app feature is when our app, lets us know our client is actively searching for properties in our real estate app. It notifies us immediately they are live, favoriting properties, even writing notes on them, and we love that because it's real-time! Real estate agents don't want to admit that we work 24/7, but if our client is on the app at 10 p.m., because that's when they're shopping, we may not be able to go open a door, but we can certainly have a conversation in our real estate app. “Hey, I saw that you favorited this property. Do you want to go on tour first thing in the morning before work?” The client is always impressed - Zandra, how did you know?! I don't know. Ha, now, I know everything!”

Be even 1% better that your competition. Building a real estate app for your agents just sets you apart from every other realtor who does not have their own app
“If you can be that 1% that has the more innovative real estate tools, you already look better and more prepared than your competitors. For our client’s its convenience, being able to tell them,“When you take a photo, or pass by a property, you like, don't just take a photo and send it to me, go to my Custom real estate app, favorite that property and see what else you like.” It goes beyond just the property that's on the market. It's about the future opportunity of helping your client build a portfolio and saying, “When you're at work, I'm working for you. Let me build a portfolio of what you're looking for in my real estate app. I’ll find that house, go find that seller, find specifics in your area, within a price range, all in one place.”

“You have to spend money to make money in real estate, but this is smart money. You will make even more money and truly leverage your business because of the success that comes from building a branded real estate app with HomeStack. By integrating it with all of your other real estate technology you can create systems to not only set it and forget it but you can continue to tweak and modify it to make it even better.”

Integrating their real estate App with our Follow Up Boss CRM wasn’t just important it was imperative for the real estate agents at Team Z
“No real estate agent has time to take notes and transfer them over remember. This is why our real estate team continues to build and attract a top real estate talent without having to recruit real estate agents because we show them how we make their life easier and seamless everyday. With our real estate app integrated with our Follow Up Boss CRM, we identify who is who, they're search behaviors, their timeline, and it all goes straight into our real estate CRM. We then organize who we're going to call, set the appointment for zero to three months, three to six months, six to 12 months, 12 months on. But the first step of integrating is the most important step, and HomeStack helped us get that done right away, It's huge.”

Zandra and her real estate team rely on Custom Push Notifications from their real estate app to provide real-time alerts allowing them to have conversations and close deals more efficiently.
“Do you know Custom Push notifications are HUGE for our clients to make decisions? When we send those alerts out to our app users, it is like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). They see it and think “Oh, my goodness, that property, you had it just coming soon. Last week, you notified me, and then it went active. And now in escrow.” This is how fast the market is moving again, it sure is. So it nonchalantly like tells then, you're making slow decisions you probably should make quicker decisions because look the markets picking up. And we love being able to partner with our lender in our real estate app. We push the interest rates and educate. rates as well. It keeps individuals in our database informed not just with the inventory, but rates and important facts about making decisions and continuing to build financial wealth through real estate.”

At the end of the day,  real estate conversions and relationships are built on data.
Zandra explains,“My biggest takeaway is this - You cannot manage what you can't measure. If you're not paying attention to every area of your real estate business, including who's downloading your real estate app, when and how often they're visiting or viewing certain properties, and preferences, you'll miss the mark on people who are literally crying for help. In a market that isn't in any of our favor because of the unknown, you might as well do the best that you can and push out as much real estate information and educate as much as you can. Our Team Z branded app allows us to do that easily to a large amount of our clients and prospects."

For more of Zandra's real estate tips, follow her and her Team Z Realty agents @zandra_ulloa and @teamzrealty

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