How Military Relocation Realtor Michelle Tramel Used her Real Estate App to Build Her Business

June 19, 2024
Client Spotlight

Tech Agent Q+A 💡Get to know Michelle Tramel a realtor with Mission Realty Group in San Diego, CA. Learn how Michelle embraced her real estate app as an “all-in-one” solution for client communication, and organization making it a smooth journey for relocating military families.

How did you start in real estate and where your real estate business is today?
“I have been in real estate for nearly five years. Initially, I had no idea about becoming a real estate agent; it all started when I applied for a loan like any other military family. Surprisingly, I struck up a close friendship with my loan officer, who encouraged me to obtain my license. Given my passion for networking and making connections, especially as a military spouse with limited social circles, I started attending social gatherings and meeting other military spouses. This led me to venture into real estate. Now, after almost five years in the industry, I can confidently say that becoming a real estate agent has been the best decision I've ever made.”

How did your Mission Realty Group App help when you started as a new real estate agent?
"When I was a new agent without a CRM system, I was introduced to our app. My approach was to share the app with everyone I spoke to, they could sign up and it would serve as my CRM. Before sharing my business card, I introduce my app to every prospect, ask them to sign up, and offer to send them property listings or chat through my app. It was surprisingly easy and a seamless CRM solution where I didn't have to transfer my contacts to another program. The app allowed me to share information with my clients & monitor their activity – which is crucial to me – and store all their details in one place."

Technology does not come naturally for all realtors, why did you embrace your Mission Realty Group App?
"Honestly, this app is like an all-in-one solution for me. I seek simplicity in everything because I'm quite disorganized. My work revolves around socializing, and networking, and this app has made follow-up much easier. It's truly amazing and beneficial. Whenever I am at an event or have a marketing piece, I ensure I share or include my QR code because it simplifies the process of connecting with potential clients. Just having them scan the QR code is fantastic."

What recent challenges have you faced in the real estate industry and how has technology has helped you to conquer them?
“When I started as a new agent, one of my major challenges was the lack of clients. It's easy to think about traditional methods like open houses and door-knocking to connect with people. However, for me, social media and technology became my go-to tools. Interestingly, 98% of my business comes from social media without any paid ads or marketing; it's all organic. My focus is on military families, so I created Facebook groups to engage this specific community. I aimed to be a resource, especially for families relocating to San Diego without a local support system. Social media has truly been instrumental in growing my business, as it helps me connect with clients effectively.”

How have you leveraged Facebook Groups to gain Real Estate clients?
“Facebook groups became a new platform for me to share and promote properties for military families. These families often inquire about VA loans and their benefits, leading to misunderstandings. Occasionally, friends advise against VA loans, citing them as unfavorable. To address this, I started sharing success stories from my clients in various Facebook groups. Currently, I manage around four highly successful groups with over 5,000 to 6,000 members each, growing daily. The organic growth has been remarkable, with military referrals coming from diverse locations like Japan, Italy, and beyond. Social media has enabled me to connect with individuals worldwide, guiding them through the home-buying process via virtual meetings. Building trust and relationships with clients is essential to me, as it not only aids in their property search but also in expanding my client base through referrals.”

Successful App Client connections story - go!
“During a dinner with my husband, we sat behind another military family. They mentioned they saw a property in Chula Vista. When my husband shared that we were working with a realtor, they were supportive. I shared my app with them, and a week later, we got into a contract for a property they found through the app. It was already on the market, but sharing the app with them led to this opportunity.”

Let's talk past clients, what is your process for reengaging them?
“My real estate app is perfect for reconnecting with past clients. If you recall a client who closed a deal with you around two years ago, why not check in on them? They may be wondering about their property's current value or the latest updates in their neighborhood. By reaching out to past clients who still use my real estate app, I may find they are interested in purchasing a second property. By setting up notifications for returning clients, you can be the first to reach out and say, "I noticed you are exploring properties again. Are you considering buying, selling, or upgrading?" This strategy has proven successful as it allows me to maintain strong connections with my clients. In the busyness of our schedules, we sometimes overlook following up with everyone. However, by spotting a client active in my real estate app, it serves as a reminder to reach out and engage with them through a simple text message or chat.”

For real estate agents just starting out, what is your best advice?
“I must emphasize the importance of promoting your name, building connections, and collaborating with others, especially when engaging with new clients. It’s common to feel disheartened when clients don't come immediately, but it's crucial not to lose sight of the core principles. Consider hosting open houses, engaging in door-to-door visits, making cold calls, networking, and introducing your real estate app to everyone you encounter, including friends and family. Spread the word about your real estate services and share your app with everyone you know, as people often begin their property search using such apps on their phones. Once individuals start browsing properties, they become motivated to take action and you want that data to be the first to follow up.”

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