Integrating their App + Lofty CRM Ignited 450+ agents to Grow their Business - from Day One

April 11, 2024

Tech Brokerage Q+A 💭 Get to know Director of Development, W. Elizabeth Scheidegg at The AgentOwned Realty Co, in South Carolina. Learn how LizS integrated their AgentOwned Realty brokerage App + Lofty CRM for 450+ agents at 12 offices to ignite their agent’s business and help them start to grow from day one!

Having our App & Lofty CRM integrated, allows us to know no matter where leads come from they are all in the same place. You don’t have to bounce from a spreadsheet or re-enter information...It has been an eye opener for our agents to have it seamless... when they get new leads it's going to be entered all across the board, it's wonderful!"

Your Secret to Set Agent’s Up for Tech Success?
“When agents come onboard, I create their HomeStack App login and Lofty CRM site and we customize both. Then I teach them to utilize the tools both those systems provide. This enables them to jump in with both feet and allows them to not feel like they are trying to play catch up. I am a BIG fan of setting it all up in the beginning and having it just run in the background so you don’t have to worry about it.”

How has integrating  your App + Your Lofty CRM saved an agent's time?
Having our real estate App and Lofty CRM integrate, you know that no matter where leads come from they are all in the same place. You don’t have to bounce from a spreadsheet or a google doc or re-enter info into different systems. It has been an eye opener for our agents to have that seamless integration."

You have a strong agent tech adoption rate, how do you keep them using their tools?"
“Whenever I am in front of an agent, they will tell you, I hop up and down about using our tech like our custom real estate app AgentOwned Real Estate and Lofty CRM, they are all joking like, oh here she comes again, ha…

...But, it is all things combined, having their App QR code on every piece of print mail, having the Lofty subdomain in place directing them to that particular agent's website, so it  feels like “them” because every agent is different. And showing the agent the entire process so they understand how using the tools like their App and CRM is going to make their lives easier.”

Why is having a branded AgentOwned Real Estate App Important?
“It is immensely important to our agents and any brokerage that doesn’t get that connection is missing out. In new agent training, I first teach them to use their App as their “digital business card”. If you're talking to someone at a grocery store, share your app link or have them scan your QR code and pouf! It’s our brokerage's logo right on a leads phone with the agent’s contact info is right there and they barely had to do anything, super simple. And each lead is tethered to that individual agent."

What daily habits do you instill in agents to share their App DAILY to get more users?
“Traditional business cards are fine, but at the end of the day, someone ends up spitting their gum in it, maybe? If you share their App instead, you get on prospects' phones ALL THE TIME. You can then send custom push notifications to stay top-of-mind, and reach out to them via the Chat feature. You're always right there, which is what we are now used to as a society with our phones...

And now with our Lofty CRM integration we can just skyrocket!" More about integrating your HomeStack app + Lofty CRM here.

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