How a professor-turned-broker closed $75M while raising $590,954.56 for charity

August 17, 2023
Client Spotlight

When Lori Fowler went from 18 years as a sociology professor to a real estate broker, she wanted to create a top brokerage that also made a social impact. After growing her brokerage to over 30 agents that produce 75 million AND raised $590,954.65 for charity - she has done just that.

Lori Fowler Charitable Realty Broker/Owner PHd

When Lori Fowler, Broker/Owner of Charitable Realty, transitioned from higher ed to follow in her father's footsteps in real estate, she knew what she would miss the most, was working closely with the non-profits in her community.

“When I started in real estate, a giving mind-set was not the norm. I was always on the forefront in teaching and I wanted to do the same in real estate, so I founded Charitable Realty. Our clients choose their favorite non-profit, the title company cuts 10% off of our profit and sends it directly to their charity. No one takes a tax break, it is pure giving."

Lori leads her brokerage with a focus on education and technology and strives to keep her firm's system's modern, simple and consistent.

“We are so heavily focused on training and technology, it is insane! I always want us to be on the cutting edge of the latest tech to provide a better experience for our client's, which is why we invested in our custom real estate app: Charitable Realty."

Learn more about how Lori and her team use their real estate agent app to be the quickest and knowledgeable firm in their expanding Fort Worth, TX market:

Integrating Your App and Your CRM is KEY
“I love how our CRM - Follow Up Boss works seamlessly with our Charitable Realty App from HomeStack. When a lead comes into our App, it round robins to the team thru Follow Up Boss, which triggers an email drip campaign. The first email that goes out is all about the benefits of our client's using our App.”

"Saved Search" Feature Helps Me to Score Big Deals
“Our real estate app has been so fantastic, especially when I use the “Saved Search” feature. When I have a new client, I set up a search for myself with their specific criteria and I save it with the client’s last name. It will then send me alerts and the minute something new comes to market. I am the first to let them know. I’ve scored a couple of big deals that way!”

The Mentors Matter program takes agents from new licensee to Million Dollar Producers

Allows You to Set Up Showings Quicker
“When I first get a client’s contact info, I set up an initial text that says “Hi, this is how we can communicate throughout the process to see houses" and I immediately send a link to our Charitable Realty App. I then ask them to go in and favorite what they want to see. I can then go into my broker dashboard and print their favorites, pick a day and that is how I schedule. So easy, I love it!”

Use Push Notifications to Engage Clients and Prospects
“Taking advantage of  Custom Push Notifications has been highly effective in getting clients to utilize our App and educate them. Every Thursday like clockwork, I take my cup of coffee and I google Tarrant County (Fort Worth, TX) Real Estate News and I find the most recent credible news link and I blast it out to all of our users. I have clients come back to me and say I loved reading that article about for example “How to compete with multiple offers” and my clients have gotten to where they expect it!” and it only takes 5 minutes once a week to stay top-of-mind.”

Up up and Stuck! Loving the new Sign @charitablerealtyagents in Aledo!
Up up and Stuck! Loving the new Sign @charitablerealtyagents in Aledo!

Keep It Simple Stupid (and Consistent)
"I have tried everything from the latest CRM, website builder, lead campaign, but you don’t need 100 things, you find 2-3 things that work and stay CONSISTENT using them every single day is where you will see a difference.”

“Keeping your clients updated with new listings and data is VITAL. You need to find a tool that does that and our real estate App does that SO well, our clients absolutely love it, we have not had one complaint. And my agents love it because it alerts them when their clients favorite something, because our MLS does not do that, so it keeps them in the know."

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Ready to learn more about building a white label app for your team or brokerage? You can find more info HERE.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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