Your Custom Realtor App Launch: How to Build the Hype

September 7, 2023

We are excited to dive into the real estate tech world with you. If you're developing your own real estate app, you’ve already taken a major step to put yourself ahead of your competition. When utilized to its full potential, your app has the ability to revolutionize your business and brand. One major part of this is creating hype before the app is live. As you are already a leader in the industry, we want to help you build the hype. A successful app launch can result in increased user engagement, allow you to gain more leads and result in even greater success with your app. Read on for our real estate app launch ideas.

Instagram Stories

Over 300 million people are using Instagram stories every single day. Of these 300 million stories, 1 in 5 will get a direct message. You know what that means… more leads!

Countdown Sticker

We love the idea of using Instagram’s new Countdown Feature to help build excitement for your app!

So, how does it work?

realtor app instagram story countdown
  1. Create a new story by tapping the icon in the upper left corner of your Instagram’s home page.
  2. Add the photo you would like to be on your story. Why not use this as an opportunity to showcase your App Icon?
  3. Tap the Sticker button in the upper right hand corner
  4. Click the Countdown Sticker
  5. Add a Fun Title (don’t forget some emojis) and select the date you want to countdown to!

What’s awesome about this is that potential users can choose to get reminders about your countdown or share it with their followers. Once your app is live, make sure you add your HomeStack Magic Link to your Instagram bio. This will link followers directly to the app store and make for a faster download. Talk about a great way to build the hype!

Hashtags and Hashtag Stickers

We want to make sure the people that would benefit from your app are able to find it! Make sure you’re using a combination of generic hashtags relevant to you, like #realestateapp and #realestate. Then of course, some more specific ones for your brand name to help build Brand Awareness, like #yourappname or #realestateinyourtown. Use these for any of your posts about your app, whether that be on your Instagram stories or an Instagram post. This way, your content will be added to a larger group of posts on Instagram so more people (including potential leads) can find you!


Why not host a contest to get more people to download your app? We’d recommend posting a couple Instagram stories, one before your app has launched, and one after reminding people to enter your contest. These could coincide with an actual post on your Instagram page that gives all the details.

Here are the rules:

Real estate app launch ideas
  1. Download my app, just click the link in bio!
  2. Favorite two properties
  3. Like and Comment #beachcitieslivingapp on this photo

Be sure to set a specific date for when you will announce the winner.

Host an Instagram Live

As you continue you build excitement before your app launches, why not host an Instagram live? Live videos will already send a notification to all of your followers that you are live, and your recorded video will remain as an Instagram story for 24 hours. This is a perfect time to answer any questions, or just let your clients know why you are excited about your app.

The Mysterious Approach..

Build the hype with suspense and creating a 5 day Mystery Launch. Let your followers know that there will be a surprise launch but they have to tune in to find out! Each day post a countdown image and on the day of launch make a huge deal about it. We want your users to be just as excited as you are!

mystery realtor app launch

In Addition to your Social Media..

Create A Landing Page

If you are planning on using social media to help build excitement for your app launch, make sure you have a place where those who are interested to go to learn a little bit more about you in the meantime. This can be as simple as having a landing page solely dedicated to more information about your app, and it can even be linked to your existing webpage. This can help build anticipation for those who are following you.

Write a Blog

Write a blog post about your upcoming app launch. Not only will this help add to your website traffic in general, but it is also a fast way to give your users quick information about your app. Even more of a way to persuade people to download your app and generate new leads. Promote your post across your social media platforms. As this will include Instagram, make sure you update the link in your bio while you are heavily promoting it!

Throw an App Launch Party

When it’s finally that time...why not throw a huge launch party? Your ticket to get in? The app of course! We have seen our clients have huge success with launch parties. Check out this launch party our client Gentry Todd threw to celebrate his custom real estate app launch.


As this app will be something you have invested time and money into, we want to make sure you see success with it as early as possible. Marketing once the app is live will be a must regardless, but building awareness and excitement beforehand is a refreshing way to help increase awareness while also building your brand. Welcome to the App World!

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