Why HomeStack is an essential tool for real estate brokerages

April 3, 2024

Not sure what real estate mobile app to choose for your team or brokerage? We get it.

It’s a big decision — If you’re going to go through the process of rolling out a new tool to your real estate team or real estate brokerage, you want to know it’ll be worth it.

According to NAR, apps for realtor's are an essential part of their business as 76% of homebuyers used a mobile or tablet search device in their home search.

Here at HomeStack, we have built apps for top real estate agents all over the country. We're are going to drop our bias at the door and let them help you make the best choice for you. Here's their best advice to leverage their real estate apps for increased productivity and future growth.

1. Real Estate Agents love HomeStack’s client collaboration interface
At HomeStack we create real estate apps for agents that make easy and intuitive agent-client communication that nurtures relationships.

Agents can invite new leads and past real estate clients to join their real estate mobile app and they’ll enjoy 1:1 branding when their clients download their App. That makes them the only agent their clients will see and be able to reach out to.

Rocki Sanchez JPAR Real Estate

“Having a branded real estate app for me and my office sets a level of professionalism that other real estate agents do not provide and allows my clients to put a face with a name. It allows prospects to see that I am a real person. My business is based on relationships and so is our JPAR Real Estate app (built by HomeStack) it helps us to attain our goals.”

App Tip: Use the in-app chat feature to speak to prospects at the moment of highest intent -  when searching for properties in the app. Make sure to also add an always-on greeting to welcome new users to your real estate app for instant connection.

2.HomeStack’s business model puts real estate agents and their real estate brokerage first
When you build a real estate app with HomeStack, it doesn’t sell agents’ leads to the highest bidder, ever. So if consumers find a listing on your real estate mobile app they will see your name and contact information under it. If they’re interested in the property, they can reach out directly to you or one of your real estate agent’s through their real estate mobile app and they will get the lead.

Randy Courtney, Weichert, Realtors – Courtney Valleywide

“Each of my agents loves their custom real estate app because they feel like they have their own private home search tool. They each have their own version (where they show as the only point-of-contact) and every lead that downloads their real estate app is assigned directly to them.”

It’s simple: The HomeStack business model puts real estate agents first and helps them take back the ground lost to industry disruptors.

App Tip: Use the Invite Friends feature. It is a powerful tool that allows you to invite others to download your app quickly and easily. Also easily pop up your QR code for easy app sharing on-the-spot!

3.App Insights Allow Real Estate Agents to Connect Closely with Leads to Convert them into Lifelong Clients
Communication with your real estate leads in their home search phase is key. Using a real estate mobile app makes it easy for realtors to chat and share properties with a client in one central tool.  

When using a HomeStack app, realtors can keep a pulse on a search with Agent Insights to know which properties a lead has viewed or favorited. The realtor also gets real-time notifications if a real estate lead reaches out or schedules a showing for a property.

“I tell my clients, don’t even send me links, just go in my real estate App, favorite listings you like and I’ll know. I go in my insights and see exactly what they like and share them similar properties right in the App.”

App Tip: Streamline your client's search using a Saved Search Notification. They can filter a specific area, with price range, number of beds and baths and more to automatically be notified form you when a new property hits the market before anyone else.

4.Our ability to integrate your real estate app and real estate CRM
At HomeStack we work with thousands of real estate agents so we know that connecting their real estate systems is key for expansion. It is our mission to integrate with as many real estate CRM’s to allow a real estate team or real estate brokerage to offer a seamless tech stack their realtors can implement now and support their growth goals for the future.

W. Elizabeth Scheidegg at The AgentOwned Realty Co

“Having our App & CRM integrated, allows us to know no matter where leads come from they are all in the same place. You don’t have to bounce from a spreadsheet or re-enter information…It has been an eye opener for our agents to have it seamless… when they get new leads it’s going to be entered all across the board, it’s wonderful!”

App Tip: If you are a HomeStack PRO client, we integrate your real estate app with your CRM. Now, every time a new user downloads your real estate app, their contact info will automatically be entered into your CRM, so no double data entry! We also integrate via Zapier.

Focus on a tool that helps you solve a problem

You don't want tech just for the sake of having it.
Building a custom real estate app with HomeStack will help your team or brokerage stand out in today's competitive market, allow team accountability and connection and help you to strengthen client relationships.

“I came to HomeStack for a set of reasons that became even more important as we began to understand what our custom real estate app could do. It gave our brokerage one singular point of contact to best work with clients. We were getting fragmented…and having alerts and interactions all managed in our app ecosystem, is a massive timesaver.” – Chris Naghibi, Black Crown Inc, and The Higher Standard

When you’re ready to crush your goal of becoming a top agent or even just starting to ramp up your real estate business, book a demo HERE to learn more. We can’t wait to help.

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