What Do Top Producing Real Estate Agents Look for in a Real Estate Team?

August 17, 2023

Teams are the future of real estate - there is no way around it. On a recent Tom Ferry podcast episode, Tom revealed there are roughly 54,000 real estate teams in the US, which is essentially 200,000 agents!

But in today's competitive landscape, the top real estate talent is looking for more in a real estate team than just your typical transaction review, office space, and commission split. Successful teams that attract and retain top producers are going beyond basic to help their realtors sell more in less time. So if you are looking to future-proof your team or brokerage, you need to prep for tomorrow’s challenges - today, by stepping up the environment, technology, and mentorship you provide.

Below are the 4 most desired real estate services, tools, and systems that top real estate agents want from their real estate brokerage now and for years to come:

1. Strong Company Culture
According to NAR, "When you meet people face-to-face, it results in a sense of connection and engagement that can’t be replicated." Real estate sales people are naturally social, and most realtors thrive on engaging with others. Building a strong company culture  on and offline, will help with real estate agent retention and make your team or brokerage more desirable to top agents when recruiting. Realtors can also often feel lost, so many realtors are looking for structure, support and accountability for their business when choosing a company to call home.

What Top Real Estate Teams Provide:
- Monthly in-person happy hours and networking events
- Company Slack channels to communicate online when not in office
- Arrange to attend industry conferences together: Inman Connect, NAR NXT, Brokerage Events and more here!

2.In-House Marketing Services
Social media star and team leader of The Gillette Group, Shannon Gillette recently shared, “The real estate agents and teams with the strongest personal brands are ones who will dominate in 2023.”

Adding in-house marketing services for your real estate team, will provide value and returns in productivity and profit. Providing marketing for the real estate agents on your team will also maintain your teams brand image, build their personal brand, attract other agents, increase sphere -of-influence referrals and best of all, it gives your agents more time to do what they do best - build their real estate business!

What Top Real Estate Teams Provide:
- Design Brand Guides, Flyers, Signs  with easy to use templates in Canva
- Print and Direct Mail Services: Modern Postcard , Postcard Mania
- Place Digital Marketing & Ads: Labcoat Agents Marketing Center, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Ylopo

3.Cutting Edge Mobile Real Estate Search App

Tim Smith, founder of Smith Group Real Estate, Coldwell Banker’s #1 Team in California, explains "Providing your real estate client with a mobile-friendly search tool that’s a direct line to you is simply not going to be optional moving forward."

In today's competitive real estate industry,  you need to provide the agents on your team with ways to differentiate themselves. A great way to do that is by offering your agents the latest in real estate technology. One of the most effective and easiest ways to connect with people looking to buy or sell a home is by building your own real estate app branded to your team.

A branded real estate app for your team is the perfect real estate lead generation tool because people who are looking for homes browse listings on their phone first. When your team provides prospects with a custom real estate app, they have an easy way to see the newest listings first and it gives them a quick and easy way to get in contact with the agent directly. When prospects download their app, they get their information without any additional work on the agents part - its a win/win for the client, agent and team.

What Top Real Estate Teams Provide:
- Build a Branded Real Estate App for Agents and Teams with HomeStack
the industries leading Real Estate App Developer
- Real Estate Lead Generation with App availability in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

4.Integrated CRM Software to Manage their Network
Real estate technology should lead a team to improved service and empower its real estate agents to grow their business by simplifying and now automating lead nurture, marketing and transaction efforts.  According to the NAR 27% of agents spent up to $2,000 on technology in the last 12 months. We recommend offering your real estate team technology that is low or  cost-free to them, end-to-end , and especially includes a branded mobile app and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform and make sure they are building their network, are following up and all tech tools are 100% integrated. Everything you need should be in one place and comprehensive for seamless communication with the realtors on your team and your clients.

This will keep your real estate team connected, help keep things running smoothly, and likely lead to more home sales overall, and it will show your potential recruits that you’re serious about setting them up for success in the long run!

What Top Real Estate Teams Provide:
- Top CRM's that integrate with a HomeStack App:  Follow Up Boss, Sierra, kvCore, Chime, MoxieWorks and more!
- Zapier is also an amazing resource to integrate and automate many of your real estate systems

In Closing
The services and culture you create sets the accepted tone and standards for the level of business you want to achieve. If you offer the latest in real estate technology and embrace high standards, you will attract higher performers – both as team members and clients.

Be sure to choose a full range of services, provide a culture of training programs, networking events and community and the latest technology that will allow you teams more time and to nurture their clients and create more business opportunities. The types of services and culture you create for your real estate team will ultimately determine the real estate agents you will draw in to lead your team to success and profits.

Looking to recruit top producing agents to your real estate team? Lean more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage here.We would love to chat!

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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