Tech Real Estate Agent Q&A: Dawn Forgione of Lang Realty

August 24, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A 💡Get to know realtor Dawn Forgione, at Lang Realty in South Florida. HomeStack has developed the Lang Realty mobile app for their brokerage of over 400+ seasoned realtors. Learn how Dawn uses her custom real estate app to engage prospects on social media, step out of her tech comfort zone, and take relationships from the dinner table to the closing table.

“My Lang Realty real estate app falls into the way I have built my business. During my first year in real estate was I was cold calling, expired listings, FISBOs, I didn't have a sphere of influence. As time passed, I realized the way to make it in this business is to develop those relationships. And that is what this real estate app is all about - instantaneously developing relationships with everyone that you meet.”

Have you always been a tech focused real estate agent?
I am certainly not a techy person…but HomeStack has made this real estate app so simple!
Now, I just open my app open, click invite friends, and wala, it’s as simple as that to share. It’s 3-4 buttons to invite by text or flash my QR code. You don’t have to be a genius or know how to code or anything of that nature, it’s just knowing how to hit a few buttons and you’ve engaged and connected with people who are looking to buy or sell."

Besides home searching, how else do you use your branded real estate app?
I love to use my real estate app on a listing appointments!
I’ll sit down with a client, I’ll present my CMA (comparative market analysis), but then I pop open my app and say let’s see up-to-the-minute market data because I have my own personal mobile app connected to the MLS. I show them the map of their neighborhood and what was just listed, and they are so impressed that I am so knowledgable, ha! There are so many great things about using this app in-the-moment.”

How do you engage more buyers/sellers with your real estate app?
“Just last night, I was out to dinner and I didn’t have business cards on me, and I met 3 new women that live in my building and they asked for my contact information. I took out my phone, and I showed them my QR code. They instantly had my information and access to search in my app which is great because were all living in a rental building, and wala! Every day, I find a new way to use my app and it’s really good for my business.”

My custom real estate app is a great way to engage people on social media who might not know they can work directly with us at Lang Realty instead of going to Zillow or On those sites a clients their personal info is being sold and property data is not up to date. I love having a tool to share where I feel confident in it.”

Advice you would give to agents about marketing themselves and their app on social media?I look at social media as a lot of fun! Act like you are talking to a person and having a conversation, and that makes it more natural. It’s ok if you do not come off like you are making a movie, people appreciate when you are authentic. When I made the video about my app, I did like 75 takes, ha. No, I wanted to come off natural. Our business is about personality, which comes out in the video. It doesn’t have to be a movie, you don’t have to give an Academy Award-winning performance, you just have to be yourself!”

Make sure to follow along with Dawn on Instagram @dawnforgionerealtor. and @langrealty

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Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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