Use YouTube and your App to explode your business like Javier Vidana

September 7, 2023

At a whopping 154 thousand YouTube subscribers and an arsenal of valuable content it may look like Javier Vidana, aka “The YouTube Realtor,” went viral overnight. But like much on the internet and what we learn from Javier’s unconventional videos, what you hear online (and in real estate) is not always what it seems.

With several hundred app downloads and an average of 50 users per month (and gaining) Javier looks like a natural tech superstar, but that was not always the case.

“When my YouTube channel took off, I was not prepared for quick success. I linked my Home Goals App under my videos, but was so overwhelmed that I didn’t check it for several months. When I finally did, I was like ‘Holy cow! Look at all the people in there!"

Over time, Javier built an effective follow up system (and hired an assistant) to help him leverage his Home Goals App as an un-intimidating connection tool. Read on to learn more of Javier’s top influencer tips and how providing valuable content exploded his real estate business.

Javier’s newPodcast/YouTube Channel: Social Strategies! A BUNCH of episodes filled with value coming your way!
Javier’s newPodcast/YouTube Channel: Social Strategies!

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again [and Be Consistent]

“At first, I would try a video and if it didn’t take off right away, I would quit..I found that once I started to talk about less ‘self serving’ topics and more about ‘serving people’ in real estate is when I found my demographic and it took off...It wasn't until I made Two Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s Before Buying a House! and my most popular video How Much Does It Actually Cost To Buy A Home? that I hit on the right demographic. Then it was a matter of staying consistent and making weekly videos to grow to where I am now.”

60% of Home Buyers are Searching on Apps

“I did a poll on my Youtube asking “Are you guys using real estate websites or apps to look for houses?” When it came back -  60% were using apps…which is crazy! I also thought an App was really different and I love that (a HomeStack app) is already built out, so I was like, ‘Let’s go for it!’”

Keep Your Brand and Endgame in Mind

“When picking my App name, I was thinking long term. I went with Home Goals because it is my larger brand and I always have my endgame in mind. I wanted a white label app (as a part of my brand) so that people who may be intimidated to call can still connect with me...if I eventually sell my brand and step out, I want Home Goals to be (a brand) where people will still have the quality experience I have created.”

Javier released his first e-book. - The Home Goal Helper
Javier released his first e-book. - The Home Goal Helper

Guide Users on How Your App can Benefit Them

“You can’t just say, ‘Hey here’s my app.’ We're in sales, so you've got to sell it a little and show people how to use it. I put my app download link under my videos, but it goes to a page on my website that says, “Download my Home Goals App,” with a description of its benefits. Just this page alone has gotten all of my [hundreds] of downloads.”

My Apps Activity Helps Me to Yield Results

“We can monitor the activity stream in the app to see who is actively saving searches and favoriting properties, then make it a task for me to reach out to them that day. This way I am reaching out to the right people at the right time. And just with that alone I have been getting a lot more transactions. Like many agents, I admit that I have lost clients from lack of action, so through using this activity and setting up a system, I am now seeing results.”

Simple: Link Your App to Get More Downloads

“I basically have a link to my App in my YouTube video description. I used to say at the end of each video, ‘Hey if you want to get in touch with me, here is my App.’ But I found that the YouTube algorithm hates intros and outros. So, I literally just have a link that says ‘If you are ready to search houses in Phoenix, here’s my App’ and then that leads them to my website download page. That’s all that I do!”

Build Your Brand to Build Trust

“My brand has built a trust with people, so because of that they trust information coming from me and are more likely to search on my branded app rather than a Zillow or am confident that the value I have brought them (via my content) early on will keep them coming back to work with me, because of that initial trust.”

Last words

What Javier liked most about building his Home Goals app with HomeStack was that it is fully his own. “At the end of the day...I like having ownership of my contacts and information, I don’t like to depend on anyone to give me transactions. What I liked about HomeStack is that I had control over every part of the app building process.”

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