Turn Every Open House into the Ultimate Lead Generation Event

April 3, 2024

It’s noon on Sunday, and instead of brunch with friends, you’ve got signs and balloons in hand and your game face on — not to cheer on your favorite team, but to head out for the weekend’s big lineup of Real Estate Open Houses.

Love them or hate them, according to Inman, real estate open houses are back.

“Open houses are roaring back this spring and the weeks leading up to the spring home buying season have coincided with an uptick in open house activity unseen since before the pandemic.” - Inman News

It may sound contradictory, but real estate open houses actually offer more opportunities to a realtor than just selling a home, especially if you plan ahead and use your custom real estate app!

Here are key steps to leverage open houses + your real estate app to turn every open house into a lead generation event.

Step 1:
Advertise Your Open House Early in the Week on Social Media
Too many agents wake up the morning of their open house in a panic, throw up a few lawn signs and expect a line around the block. To capture the attention of the most buyers and potential sellers, you need to market the listing long before the event date.

Create a Social Media Ad From Your Real Estate App
Find your listing in your custom real estate app. Click the “Share Arrow” and choose Facebook (or LinkedIn, Twitter, and more). Your real estate app pre-populates listing details and a teaser image. Include the time, date, and location in the caption of the post. You could even boost the post from your Facebook business page to create even more of a buzz.

Share Open Houses to Instagram Stories

Share an Instagram Story of the Listing
Create a fun set-up or video walk thru of the property and post the videos throughout the week to your stories. At the bottom of each Instagram story, use the “Link sticker” to add your custom app download link. When people tap on the sticker, they’ll be redirected to download your real estate app or to the listing URL.

Step 2
Gain Quality Lead Info - Ditch the Old School Sign-In Sheet
Real estate open houses are the perfect way to connect with people in the early stages of their house hunt. A young couple may be checking out the area and not yet ready to buy, but they’ll make great future leads, so treat each person at an open house like a future client.

Use App as a sign in sheet for ope

Use Your Real Estate App QR code as a Sign In Sheet
Your real estate app was designed to capture leads in face-to-face situations. Ditch the old school "sign-in" sheet filled with fake contact info and create a sign-in graphic in Canva that displays your app QR code. Now, when a lead walks through they can sign in via your app to stay connected and you have a verified contact info for follow up.

Nearly 70% of agents have sold a home as a result of a connection made at an open house. Source: Inman Select Special Report on Open Houses

Integrate your app with your real estate CRM
If you have a HomeStack Pro  app you can integrate it with your real estate CRM. Now, the info your leads enter into your app automatically uploads to your CRM. If your CRM allows, you can set up email or text drip campaigns with new listings or market info to further nurture the lead.

Step 3
Get Creative: Market Your Listing via Custom Push Notifications
In a world where people are bombarded with generic emails, Custom Push Notifications are outweighing email marketing with better results.

When compared, push notification campaigns observe opening rates increase by 50%, click rate by 7 times, and retention rates by 93% over email.

Send a Custom Push Notification with your app

Send a Custom Push Notification About Your Open House
Login to your Agent Dashboard, and on the left click on Push Notification. In the upper right, click the green button "Send Notification". You can now choose "All Users" or a specific "Tag", for example “Waterfront”, “Luxury Client” or “Open House”, allowing you to personalize the notification to touch on user preferences, feel personal to them and result in a deeper connection and win them over in the long run.

Step 4
Shared Additional Listings and Follow Up
Usually, the main goal of a real estate open house is to sell that listing. But it’s also a great opportunity to share additional for sale properties from your real estate brokerage. In-person conversations are priceless and it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage people to sign up for your real estate search app.

Share listings from your real estate app

You can now follow up with a thank you email or text. Use your real estate app’s Insights to see the properties your users are viewing and favoriting to the perfect additional listings based on their taste, making it a more personalized experience.

Real Estate Open Houses are the Ultimate Lead Generation Event
By leveraging your real estate app at an open house, you gather quality lead information and can begin to nurture meaningful relationships. You connect far beyond selling one house. You will grow your network and  deliver relevant information to the right clients at the right time - leading to a deeper connection and growth for years and transactions to come.

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