The Future of Real Estate Marketing: How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Game for Agents and Consumers Alike

October 11, 2023

The real estate market is constantly changing, and so is the way people buy and sell homes. In the past, potential buyers and sellers would rely on real estate agents to find information about properties. Then, more and more people turned to the internet to do their research on portals and company websites. Now, consumers are turning to mobile apps to ease their home search and keep up to date on the value of their own homes.

This shift in the way people shop for homes and conduct research has created new opportunities for real estate companies and agents. One of the most promising ways for agents to reach potential clients is through mobile apps. It’s time to start thinking about the future of marketing and not be stuck with old tired methods.

Mobile apps offer a number of advantages over traditional marketing methods. For one, they allow agents to reach a wider audience. In fact, the Home Buyer & Seller Profile study from NAR found that 96% of home buyers use online tools in their search, and 60% of those searches are conducted on mobile devices. With data like that, why are you not promoting your custom-branded mobile app? I have a secret for you the portals are and they are engaging with your sphere of influence. 

96% of home buyers use online tools in their search, and 60% of those searches are conducted on mobile devices. - NAR

Mobile apps also allow agents to engage with potential clients in a more personal way. Buyers and sellers can use apps to browse listings, learn about agent services, and even schedule showings. This level of engagement can help agents build relationships with potential clients and position themselves as trusted advisors. Not to mention agents will have analytics for each of their consumers to know what they are looking at, what they are searching for, and the areas of interest. This can help agents better understand their clients and prospects to give them what they are looking for. 

Finally, mobile apps can help agents streamline their marketing efforts. For example, agents can use apps to send out automated property alerts, track leads, send custom notifications and promote other company services. This can free up agents' time so that they can focus on more important things, like building relationships with clients and closing deals.  

If you're a real estate company or agent, a mobile app is a valuable tool that can help you improve your marketing strategy and grow your business. Here are a few tips for creating a successful real estate mobile app:

  • Make it easy to use: The first thing you need to do is make sure your app is easy to use. This means having a clear and concise interface and using simple language that anyone can understand.
  • Keep it up-to-date: Your app should be constantly updated with new listings, news, and information. This will help keep users engaged and coming back for more. Not all data is equal.  How often have you looked at a website or app and see a house that closed months ago showing as active or a property missing from the search results?
  • Promote your app: Once you have created your app, you need to promote it so that people know about it. You can do this through social media, email marketing, paid advertising, and many other online and offline methods. 

By following these tips, you can create a successful real estate mobile app that will help you grow your business. Overall, mobile apps are a valuable tool that can help real estate companies and agents improve their marketing strategies and grow their businesses. If you're a real estate company or agent, I encourage you to consider contacting to learn more about how you can create a custom mobile app for your business.

- Alex Jacobs, VP of Business Development at HomeStack, LinkedIn

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