The Evolution of Carolyn Young and How It Led Her to Over 2 Billion in Sales Volume

April 3, 2024
Client Spotlight

Today’s real estate industry is an entirely different game from when Carolyn Young started as an agent 30 years ago. “People today want to push a button and have a product on their porch the next day. They want things instant and easy and the same goes in your real estate business. You need to have tools and technology in place in to allow for those instant client connections.”

Now an industry leader and national speaker (most recently on Tom Ferry), Carolyn has a team of 16 high-producing agents on track for 285 million in sales volume this year. In spite of her consistent success, Carolyn has never stopped evolving her marketing strategy, which incorporates, social media, her famous listing presentation ( with a 95% conversion rate), and the latest in real estate tech, like her Carolyn Young Team real estate app.

“We are a very busy team, we thought it would be super cool to have our own home search app, but the thought of building an app from scratch was just too overwhelming! It was great finding HomeStack who white-labeled the app to us, so it is personally branded to each agent. We like it, our clients like it, and our whole team leverage it.”

Carolyn shares how she and her team impress clients with their branded real estate app, how to leverage in-person meetings to scale, and how not to self-sabotage by having a BIG mindset!

Provide Prospects a Tools that Protects Them and Your Relationship
“If your clients go on a lot of the “lead generation” sites, their information is getting sold to third parties and competing real estate agents are after them. My real estate team and our clients appreciate the fact that our branded real estate app is a private network. Our prospects download our real estate app, search around, request to see a house, favorite homes and no one else but us sees this. From the agent side, we can share listings that are hitting the market and it just gives more of a personal touch and when you go on a listing appointment and prospects see you have your own app, they think its pretty cool.”

Use Your App to Share your Pre-Market Listing and Build Exclusivity
We like to share our pre-market listings from our App to our database even before they hit the market. We recently had a listing we shared on our through a custom push notification, to give our clients a first look and we had a buyer who saw it in our app and bought it immediately. They were like –  OMG, I have to get into this house! We have quite a few buyers like this.”

Leverage In-Person Opportunities to Grow Your Digital Database
“We have developed a good listing presentation, but I always like to showcase all the services that we offer. Often people who are selling are also buying, so we encourage them to download our real estate app while we are there with them so they can utilize it in their home search when they leave. It’s a cool and unique tool that we offer because there are not a lot of teams that have their own real estate app. It’s another edge that sets us apart.”

Have a BIG Mindset or You Will Sabotage Yourself
“When you decide to do something you have to think real big about your plans, a lot bigger than you think you can do, even if you don’t believe it yet. When new agents come on my team we set lofty goals and they are, you think I can do that! I say I know you can do that, because in real estate, the sky is the limit! If you don’t have a big mindset you will just sabotage yourself every time.”

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