Tech Agent Q&A: Alecia Bonato of NV Realty Group

August 17, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A💡Get to know realtor Alecia Bonato, at NV Realty Group in Florida. HomeStack has developed the NV Realty Group's team mobile app for their more than 180 agents in two states: Florida and South Carolina. Find out how Alecia uses her custom real estate app to generate leads from her direct mail, align herself with their search and how utilizing her brokerage tools took her from 5 to over 28 transactions in a year.

“My NV Realty Group app is so handy because everybody has a smartphone! I simply say “Hey open your app so we can check this property out." We view it together and it helps me to interact with my client and move the search process along quicker.”

Why use the real estate app your brokerage offers? How did you utilize it to go from 5 to 28 transactions in a year?
“ I post my real estate app QR code on all of my marketing pieces. Now of days, prospects live on Zillow and and if we are not getting our face out there and directing them away from those sights by using our real estate app, prospects will use another realtor.”

“I send at least 20 cards out per week to various prospects and having added my real estate app QR code is crucial for connecting with people.”

NV Realty Group :Postcard with Real Estate App

Most effective way to get leads off of Zillow and use your branded real estate app?

“When I am in a showing, and a client says, "I saw this listing in Zillow” I say, Zillow is not as on top of it as our real estate app is. Our NV Realty Group app updates every day, so that when you see a listing in our app it is truly active. Don’t waste your time searching any place else, go straight to my real estate app. Everything that I see as a realtor, you are going to see too."

Best follow up when you see client activity in your real estate app?
“Every time a client views or favorites a property, I love knowing I will see that activity too. I know exactly what they are looking for and if it is available. When I see them favorite a property, I call them right away and see if they want to see it!"

How do client's feel about your real estate app?
“ Our branded real estate app is so user-friendly and easy to navigate. If people say “I am so used to Zillow!” I say it’s just a matter of starting to use it, you're going to love it! Like with anything else, when we first started to use cell phones or computers at first we say oh my gosh, and then it becomes so easy!”

Advice to agent's starting out?

“If you have to save money on anything, don’t save on your marketing, because then you are dead. The only place you initially put money is in your marketing, and if you use brokerage-provides tools like your real estate app, the less you will spend and the more you can get yourself out there to connect with people.”

Be sure to follow Alecia Bonato @aleciabonatorealtor and @nv_realty

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