Tech Agent Q&A: Ryan Endries of Duke Warner Realty

August 7, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A💡Get to know realtor Ryan Endries, at Duke Warner Realty in Bend, Oregon. HomeStack has developed Duke Warner Realty’s mobile app for their brokerage which has been in business for over 55 years. Learn how Ryan uses his custom real estate app to break the ice with new clients and collaborate with them to find them the perfect property.

“When I use my Duke Warner Realty App it enhances my client relationships, whereas with many other real estate apps on the market today, it feels as like they get in the middle of the relationship.”
Use Your Custom Real estate App as The Perfect Icebreaker

“My branded real estate app is a great way to take what might be an awkward conversation, break the ice and help people right out of the gate and get started with their home search.When I meet someone, I share my real estate app with them and we have a friendly conversation. I give it to everyone regardless of whether they choose to do business with me or not. It doesn’t feel like a “pressure” situation, and people are extremely receptive to it."

Clients Have the Ability to Search Geographically
“When clients are out and about looking for properties, many do not know Bend, Oregon very well, so as they drive around I have them us my real estate app to guide them. They see all for-sale properties as they go along. They can like a property or share it right with me. It helps me to take in what their likes and dislikes are, the lightbulb turns on I know what property may be right for them.”

Arm Your Clients with the Necessary Tools for a Successful Transaction
“We can’t always be with clients every second, so to have a branded real estate app where they can search easily and not feel marketed to is great. I feel like my Duke Warner real estate app actually enhances my relationship with my clients, whereas with many other real estate apps on the market today, it feels as though they get in the middle of the relationship.”

Choose a Brokerage that Does Right by their Clients No Matter What
“I choose Duke Warner Realty because they are a brokerage that has an old-school “client first mentality” combined with the offerings of new tech, like our real estate app. It helps us as real estate agents to build long-term client relationships that end up as repeat customers.”

A Straightforward Communication at a Greater Level
“With some of the other home search apps, like Zillow or RedFin, I feel like they get in the middle of the client relationship as opposed to fostering it. I use my custom real estate app as a straightforward way to communicate at a greater level with my real estate clients and it allows them to search and get detailed information on their phone very quickly right down from our MLS in real time."

Explore Real Estate Tech So Its Starts to Feel Natural
“Start to explore more real estate tech, like this app, so it feels natural to you. Using my Duke Warner Real Estate App has enhanced my real estate business and provided a tool to my clients right up front. Just send them the link and they easily download. It starts the process off smoothly.”

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