Tech Agent Q&A: Rocki Sanchez of JPAR Real Estate

August 17, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A

Get to know realtor Rocki Sanchez, @rocki_sanchez, a top agent at @jparrealestate in Central Florida. HomeStack has developed the JPAR Real Estate App for its 65 Locations, Across 25 States, with Over 3,900 Agents. Find out how Rocki uses her custom real estate app to strengthen client trust, build referrals and keep busy in a highly competitive real estate market.

“My JPAR Real Estate App  is easy for my clients to use and works in real-time, which is important right now with how quickly the market is moving. For my clients to be able to see what is available to them right on their phone has been a HUGE help for my business.”

Why is having a custom real estate app important to you and your real estate team?
“Having a branded real estate app for me and my office sets a level of professionalism that other agents do not provide and allows my clients to put a face with a name. It is customized to my team and it allows prospects to see that I am a real person. My business is based on relationships and so our branded JPAR Real Estate app helps us to attain our goals.”

Most effective App feature?
“I absolutely love that I can share my app with one of my clients and they can share it with their family and friends. They are then able to see other properties that are outside of my market. It gives them flexibility and helps be to build a referral base with other JPAR offices.”

@rocki_sanchez Central Florida JPAR Realtor
@rocki_sanchez Central Florida JPAR Realtor

What is a recent client app success story?
“I recently had a past client in Central Florida who received a job transfer to Tennessee. I was able to share my App with her and even though I referred her to a JPAR agent in TN, she searched in my real estate app because she trusted me. She was able to use me as a security blanket during a big move to a new city knowing no one. Solely relying on myself and my referral, my real estate app allowed her to shop with ease and gave her the ability to see what's on the market up there while she was still down here. Using my app was beneficial for her, myself, and my partner agent out in TN.”

How does tech like your custom real estate app and your social media define you from other agents?
"It allows the consumers to get to know me. They can relate to me and see I'm a real person. It’s not always rainbows butterflies, it’s ok to have a crazy day, and our social media shows we are genuine. Our motto in our office is “hustle with heart” and we lead with our hearts. I believe that people genuinely see that through our social media and with a tech like our real estate app it’s icing on the cake.”

@rocki_sanchez Central Florida JPAR Realtor
@rocki_sanchez Central Florida JPAR Realtor

Advice to real estate agents about using the tech your real estate brokerage provides?
“Honestly, consume yourself in it! There is so much to learn and new tools coming out on a daily basis. JPAR real estate offers so many opportunities for training and classes on these tools like your real estate app. Indulge in it and never stop learning, because there is another real estate agent doing the same thing or trying to be more and you don’t want to be left behind. There are so many opportunities to stay ahead of the game!”

Be sure to follow along with Rocki Sanchez and her JPAR adventures in real estate->  #realestaterocki and Instagram and Facebook @rocki_sanchez. And @jparrealestate

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