Tech Agent Q&A: Casey Walag of West USA Realty

February 28, 2024
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A💡 Get to know realtor Casey Walag, a rising star at West USA Realty in Arizona. HomeStack has developed the West USA Realty mobile app for their 15 offices state-wide and over 3100 REALTORS®. Find out how Casey uses her custom real estate app to generate leads on social media and provide a valuable property search to her clients in a low inventory market to help them find the right homes fast.

“I use my West USA Realty app because it differentiates me. It's something I can offer to prospects that other realtors can’t. I always send it right away so people can search on their own time, favorite homes they like, and interact with me. I also get to peek in on the backend and see what they are looking at, so it helps me as well!”

Most effective App feature?
“With my real estate app's Insight’s feature, I can peak on all my client’s activity! I see when I have new users and those new users are leads! If they found my real estate app on my website or on social media, I call and introduce myself. If I know them already, I can see their activity, and see what they are looking at which is awesome…because maybe what a client is telling you is not what they really want and that opens up a really good conversation we then have.”

Casey Walag West USA Realty

What is a recent client app success story?
“I recently had a prospect reach out who was having a tough time finding a home in this low inventory market. I sent him my app and within an hour he sent me 3 homes from my real estate app he wanted to see. These were not the homes I would have sent him! We went out the next day, and he fell in love with one of the homes and I got it under contract in less than a month. It was due to my West USA Realty app! My client would have never seen this house had I just been sending him MLS listings."

How do you use your real estate app to gain leads on social media?
“If you are a realtor not on social media, you are missing a huge part of the market. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok (which I have 10K followers) I have my real estate app linked as my call-to-action. I have had people from out of state find me on social media and was able to show them properties because they downloaded my real estate app. When I see new leads in my app, I reach out and they are like “I found you on TikTok, saw your real estate app, and love it” and they just start looking for homes. My social media and my real estate app are intertwined and it all works together.”

Why use the tools like you real estate app that your brokerage provides to you?
"It helps you to stand out! Even if your client never uses it, you are still making available extra tools than another agent in your market is and they will look to you and say, oh she is more of a professional, she has all of these assets I can use, and it gives you an edge!”

Be sure to follow Casey Walag @az_realtor_casey and West USA Realty @westusarealty

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