Tech Agent Q&A: Brack Mosshart of Ten Oaks Real Estate

September 7, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Agent Q+A 💭 Get to know @brackmosshartrealtor based in Oklahoma City, OK with @tenoaksre. Grab his App tips for staying top-of-mind in a hot market with an influx of relocating buyers.

I recently had a client searching in this competitive market, she quickly found the home she bought in my Ten Oaks Real Estate App in the first week that I had it! It truly does help provide fast and accurate property info to my clients."

How do you use your Ten Oaks Real Estate App?
“One of my favorite App features is sending Custom Push Notifications. In less than 5 minutes I can reach all my users and keep them updated on say, if a new restaurant opened up downtown or family entertainment like our drive-in movie theatres. I can just link the URL, add some emojis to grab their attention and send out community updates to stay top-of-mind.”

Why is a branded App important for your business?
“In this day and age if you're not consistently communicating with your sphere your business can easily fall by the wayside. Without that connection, clients and especially past clients are going to forget about you. Having a branded real estate App keeps me readily in front of people and with the ability to now Chat with clients right through the App - that's HUGE.”

How do you get clients to download your App?
“I like to share my app with clients through an email blast from my database, sharing on my social media and using my QR code, but I often encounter a client who's frustrated with Zillow and how hard it is to use. In this case, I just say “I’m texting you a link to MY App... it’s easy to use, you can favorite homes, you can take notes on  properties and it will help me find more homes to your liking”. This gives me an edge to know preferences. The Insights in the App, are a way to show you are a legitimate seasoned agent, even if you're brand new."

 brackmosshartrealtor Happy closing to the Ward family! Moving here from Kansas! Pictured is the builder, lender and my client. It takes a team to make these deals come together! I have helped people relocate from California, Texas, Idaho, Virginia and Kansas! I can help you call Oklahoma home

Why do you think agents should use tools provided by their brokerage?
“Using tech is one of the top things agents should be taking advantage of DAILY and if not you'll fall behind. I felt that, when I started 5 years ago, and I didn’t use much tech, so one of the main reasons I switched to Ten Oaks Real Estate was because they were providing tools like a branded real estate App. I thought, I’m gonna get in there and share my App on social media and use it to share listings with my clients and it has been so valuable, it’s worth a million bucks!”

How does social media help you market yourself and gain clients?
I grew up in Oklahoma and even went to college here, so my network is rooted in social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, adding my real estate App to social media has made connecting with clients even easier. 95% of my network is from my social networks and the App helps me to capitalize on that and reach my goals."

Watch our full interview with Brack below:

Follow more of Brack’s adventures in real estate @brackmosshartrealtor. Also, we want to hear from you too! Have creative tips of how you are using your App? Let us know

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