Tech Agent Q&A: Ashley Cameron of Lake Anna Real Estate

April 3, 2024
Client Spotlight

Tech Agent Q+A 💭 Get to know realtor @lakeanna_ashleyrealtor based in Lake Anna, Virginia with @lakeannarealestate and snag her top App tips!

“My Lake Anna Real Estate App sets us apart from other local firms. I love that no one else in my sphere has one.”

Why do you like using your Lake Anna Real Estate App?
“I love that my App generates data fast and my clients love sharing and favoriting properties and being able to contact me right through the App. As an agent, I like seeing what properties they are looking at and favoriting for quick follow up which can motivate them to see it with me ASAP and then it generates a sale!”

Have you had clients find properties on your App leading to a sale?
“I would say that happens with 50% of my users! I send it to all of my clients and my App is helpful because it can filter a specific side or section of Lake Anna that isn’t possible on Zillow or Realtor. With my App’s satellite view it pinpoints my client’s exact desired area and then they can navigate on an aerial view where they want to look.”

Why is a branded App important?
“My App being branded to Lake Anna Real Estate sets us apart from other local brokerages and firms. One of the keys to my success has been making myself stand out in a hyper local market. So for me, I love having something like my branded real estate App that not every other agent in my sphere has. It is a HUGE deal.”


Does social media help you generate leads?
“Yes. I feel like my social media is 95% of how I gain clients. I put a lot of thought into planning and timing what I put out there. I do post my App on and link it in my instagram bio and my email signature especially when I am reaching out to new clients like "Hey the link below is for my App. Check it out when you have a minute!"

Another great way to get users is when I’m with a new client in person I make sure to pull it up right then and there, because sometimes people may get a bit intimidated to use new tech, but if they see me actually using it and how easy it is, they are like we can use this out on the boat!”

Clients use your App on their boat!?
“Yup, being on a Lake, people who aren’t even necessarily shopping, will still download my App and when they are cruising around on their boat they pull it up, like "whoa look at this crazy house over here let’s see how much it is?” And then you never know those "for fun" App users could become future clients."


Follow more of Ashley’s adventures in real estate @lakeanna_ashleyrealtor. Also, we want to hear from you too! Have creative tips of how you are using your App? Let us know

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