Tech Agent Q&A: Tonie Johnson of Avast Realty

September 21, 2023
Client Spotlight

Tech Real Estate Agent Q+A💡 Get to know realtor Tonie Johnson from Avast Realty in the Birmingham, AL. HomeStack developed the Avast Realty mobile app for their hundreds of agents in over 3 states to fulfill their vision of equipping agents with the latest real estate tools and tech. Find out how Tonie maximizes her custom real estate app to stand out in an area over saturated by realtors and uses it to educate buyers and sellers by giving them a market snapshot - in the palm of their hand.

“My Birmingham market is saturated with real estate agents…so you have to do things that set you apart. Having my Avast Realty App, built by HomeStack makes me looks fancy and knowledgable because not many other realtors have this data at their fingertips with their own branded real estate app. My prospects are always super impressed!”

How has your Avast Realty app helped you with lead generation?
“I like using my branded real estate app when I’m out and talking to people. It makes me look a little fancy when I can say, let me share my real estate app with you, heres my QR Code. They immediately download it to their phone, which makes it quick and accessible to look at homes and gives them and idea of house prices in an area. It is friendly and right in-their-face so they can access the MLS and me on their phone as opposed to having to type it in a website.”

What challenges have you faced in the current real estate market?
“In the Birmingham, AL market that I am in, it is saturated with real estate agents, everybody is a realtor…my mama is a realtor, my sister is a realtor, my cousin is a realtor, so you have to do things that set you apart from everyone else. Having my HomeStack app, makes me looks a little fancy, because not everyone has an app and my prospects are always super impressed, like oh you have an app!”

How has your real estate app allowed you to nurture relationships?
“I love going into the backend dashboard for my real estate app and seeing what properties my clients are favoriting and viewing. I don’t like to bother or  harass prospects, but I can look into the Insights in my app and see who's actively looking, this way, I can send them a more personalized follow up text or chat message which warms up the conversation and makes it less of a “cold call”.

Many of consumers do not understand how the MLS works, they think it is a set of houses that “you” have, and don't understand the MLS is a bigger pool. Having my app makes it very accessible for people to go in and search for homes and then reach out to you as their go-to agent."

Take advantage of the tools your brokerage provides
"Make sure to use all the tools that are provided to you by your brokerage. We pay a monthly fee, so it makes sense to take advantage of all the tools provided to you. Weathers it’s your real estate app, website or social media every thing you do will help you to build relationships and educate your potential clients."

Be sure to follow Tonie on social media @realtor_tonie_al and learn more about Avast Realty here

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