Real estate brokerage Q&A: Vance Mizzi & Maurice Johnson of West Shores Realty

April 3, 2024
Client Spotlight

Get to know Vance Mizzi and Maurice Johnson, realtors at West Shores Realty. Thanks to their focus on development, Vance and Maurice have helped West Shores experience some of the fastest growth in Southern California. HomeStack was their real estate mobile app builder for a tool that is now essential to their over 500 real estate agents. Explore how Vance and Maurice use their app to recruit top real estate talent and plan to use it to propel their brokerage into 2023 below!

“When recruiting real estate agents, it's vital for a brokerage to offer top resources to attract the best talent. Our mobile app plays a big role in that…every tool we can provide adds to the fabric of what we offer to enhance a realtors experience. Offering a real estate mobile app is another tool in our belt that is absolutely invaluable.” - Vance Mizzi

Why do you include the HomeStack app for all of your realtor's?
“When I first came to West Shores about two years ago their real estate mobile app was an “add-on”, now we offer it to every single real estate agent in the brokerage. The first thing I notice about our app is how user-friendly it is. I was like what was I doing, why wasn’t I using this in the beginning? Even the most un-savvy person can become engulfed in searching in our app and before you know it, they are looking at 30-40 houses.”

Vance: "The best thing that we did recently was to build in our mobile real estate app fee into our agent's package. They don’t even feel it, and now every real estate agent here is using it with their personal branding."

“I was with a previous company where each real estate agent bought their own mobile app for 3-5K! When I got to West Shores and saw they offered a mobile real estate app with the same core technology and branded to me, it was a no brainer. It was exactly what was offered for 5K at the other company but better."

Why do buyers and sellers love your mobile real estate app?
“It looks, feels, and smells like the other real estate apps that your prospects are used to, so they transition seamlessly. It feels very much like the one they were using yesterday, but it is branded to us.

On a brokerage level our realtor's get a tool that they can use on day 1. They share their app link or QR code immediately. For a new agent it tells everyone they are doing real estate. If they are seasoned, it elevates them. If you are a brokerage that offers a personally branded app when you start with a company, what else are they offering?!

In a world where communication is everything to supply your real estate agents with a mobile app equipped to quickly connect you with clients - your agents are going to use it and they are going to thank you for it."

What Real Estate App Feature Is Most Used?
"The client insights for sure. If you're not using a mobile real estate app in 2023, I don’t know what you are doing. As soon as someone downloads your app and starts searching it is an immediate indicator they are serious about buying a house. It could be a year or 18 months down the line, but it’s a way to know who to spend more time with. You don’t have those kinds of insights from a phone call or email. Bottom line, if they are not using your app, they are using someone else's.

What's Next For Your Real Estate Brokerage?
Vance: “As a brokerage we are always amping up or training and mentoring. We are really excited about our broker, Amir Al-Khayat implementing live accountability sessions every week. Overall, West Shores Realty has been experiencing some of the fastest growth in Southern California for the past couple of years. It has been an absolute behemoth in agent growth and retention and we are really excited about 2023 and what it is going to bring.”

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