How Randy Courtney Evolved & Used his Real Estate App to Grow a High Producing Team

August 17, 2023
Client Spotlight

Real Estate Broker, Randy Courtney, is the founder and leader of the top producing team, Weichert, Realtors – Courtney Valleywide. He credits keeping current as the secret to his 35+ years of consistent growth in real estate. Still an active broker, Randy knew he needed to evolve and provide his team with a proprietary real estate app to keep up with client searches and expand their team in a competitive Arizona market.

Since attending Arizona State University, Randy has called the Valley of the Sun his home for over 40 years and has scaled his team there to 30+ agents that are rated #68 in production out of 65,000+ Arizona agents.

How has he achieved this growth? Building a strong brand, educating his clients and evolving to keep up with real estate tech, like his Arizona Home Finder app.

We sat down with Randy to learn how he and his team leverage their real estate app as the ultimate networking and referral tool for generations to come.

“We created our custom real estate app Arizona Home Finder…people love it and consistently use it. There are very few companies (like HomeStack) that can create a real estate mobile app only for your brokerage and for your clients to feel like it is just for them.”

Leverage Your Real Estate App to Build a Strong Brand
Building our real estate app with HomeStack has helped a lot in building our brand. When you have a proprietary real estate app that you can tell people is designed for their own private search - the client really appreciates that.”

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Perfect Open House Lead Capture Tool
"Almost every person that walks into our real estate open houses, we capture their contact info in our real estate app. We have them scan our app QR code or share our download link. It is the perfect opportunity to be face-to-face and show them how easy our real estate mobile app is to use."

Agent Insights Help You Sell Homes
“I met someone at a  real estate open house about 2.5 years ago and they download my real estate app. Out of the blue, they became active recently. We are always notified of client activity from our app, so I saw them favoriting properties. I reached out and ended up selling them a million-dollar property. Had I not had my real estate app, they probably would have just gone to a different search site…because they like how our real estate app felt and knew that it was up-to-date, they just popped open the map, and all around them they could see what’s truly available.”

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Enterprise App Solution For the Win
"Each of my agents loves their custom real estate app because they feel like they have their own private home search tool. They each have their own version (where they show as the only point-of-contact) and every lead that downloads their real estate app is assigned directly to them. Each agent has a postcard about their real estate app and QR code making it easy for people to download."

Use Your Real Estate App to Educate Clients
“We educate our real estate client’s that the property info in our real estate app is the most up-to-date. I often teach them that if you search on other sites like or Zillow you will be viewing homes sold 3 days or sometimes 3 weeks ago, or even months ago! Those sites' primary job is to sell leads back to real estate agents.”

Never Stop Evolving or You Will Be Left Behind
“When I started the MLS was in a phone book! Now, you need to be engaging on
social media or you will be left behind. As a real estate agent you have to evolve and take advantage of social media marketing, it does add to your real estate business. You may think it’s just for young people, but I’ve got clients that I have had for 30 years that now have kids and are now starting to have grandkids so I am now servicing three generations and they are all on social media all across the board.”

New Agent? Grow Your Network and Get Referrals
“I’ve had newer agents use their real estate apps at networking events. They hand out their real estate app postcards or
share their app download link with everyone they meet. They say “ if you are even curious about the market or the value of homes or around you download and take a look”. Then it snowballs, a lead can now share your app link to their friends and family. We’ve done business with a friend of so and so that referred us right from the "Invite Friends" link in their App, it works so well!”

For more, real estate app and leadership tips follow Randy @weichertrandycourtney and his team Weichert, Realtors – Courtney Valleywide.

Ready to learn more about building a white label app for your team or brokerage? You can find more info HERE.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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