Use YouTube [and Your Real Estate App] to Amp Up Your Business

August 17, 2023

Marketing your listings and yourself on YouTube is a necessity in today's real estate landscape. According to NAR video marketing has been the star of the show in 2022 with the average person watching 19 hours of videos online per week, compared to just 10.5 in 2018.

Recently we sat down with top-producing realtors, Will Grimes & Eli Schmidt of The Mile High Property Brothers and Andrea and Rich Rogers of Florida Real Estate Inc., to talk about how mastering YouTube and promoting their custom real estate apps on their channels has exploded their real estate business.

In this webinar, they broke down their best practices for content ideas, equipment recommendations, using their real estate app to convert viewers to real estate clients, and more! Watch the full video and read on for some of the biggest takeaways!

Go Beyond the Typical House Tour
Will Grimes and Eli Schmidt, are top realtors who showcase the Denver Metro area on their Living In Denver YouTube Channel. They love their town and have leveraged YouTube to work with clients from all over the world relocating to Denver. Their video success wasn't instantaneous, but consistency and practice paid off.

Eli explains, “When Will and I first went into business, we knew video was the next big thing. We started on Facebook, doing weekly live videos at Open Houses, but not your typical tour. We went beyond that, like, Hey, we are at this new development with a fresh school system and coffee shops popping up all over and taxes here are only X amount. We provided value, not just based on that one home. We did video for a good year before even hopping on YouTube, and it prepared us for when the opportunity presented itself to go bigger.”

YouTube + Your Real Estate App = Reaching Beyond Your Sphere of Influence
Andrea and Rich Rogers of Florida Real Estate Inc, service the Tampa Bay area, but by promoting their real estate app on YouTube they have been able to explode their second home market. "Our MLS is enormous, so promoting our branded real estate app on our YouTube, has given us an explosion in our referral business. For example Orlando is in our MLS and we have people as far as Canada looking for vacation homes that come to us through our real estate app. Advertising our branded real estate App on YouTube has given us a reach far beyond Florida and allowed our second home business to skyrocket!"

For The Mile High Property Brothers, they agree. Tools like YouTube and their real estate app have allowed them to tap into an almost untouched relocation market. Will advises thinking beyond farming your local real estate markets.

“Last year we did 120 transactions from YouTube that correlated to 2 million in commission. Instead of relying just on our sphere of influence (which is still valuable), YouTube exposed us to a large amount of new clientele relocating to our area that no other agents were speaking to. With remote work now, people can live where they choose or find a spot more affordable. Many people are moving to your area no matter where you live. We have helped other agents in Boise or Florida start their channels too. Don’t think because you are not Denver that you can’t use this medium to grow a real estate business.”

Real Estate Mobile Apps Help You Stand Out From the Competition
For Will and Eli, standing out from their competitors in their real estate market is a key part of their brand and their business growth. "We never like to do what others realtors are doing. We need to stand out and have a wow factor and that is why we built our own custom real estate app with HomeStack.We wanted to create something that is the gateway drug people to calling us. Our branded real estate app is the perfect segue to get people into our ecosystem. They may not yet be comfortable making a phone call or text just yet, but this is one more step into that funnel, to get them into our ecosystem and get more comfortable calling us eventually, it’s a good warm-up.”

Rich Rogers agrees and chimes in and “It’s a closed ecosystem! Many realtors without their own brand real estate app, their clients are definitely going to go on Redfin or Zillow search. Once they go there they are no longer in a YOUR closed ecosystem and searching for real estate with YOUR company. They are going to get bombarded by third-party realtors and lenders. You are actually doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have your own real estate app with HomeStack."

Be sure to watch the full webinar here to learn to create a thriving real estate YouTube channel. For more inspiration, subscribe to Will Grimes & Eli Schmidt and Andrea and Rich Rogers channels!

Building a custom real estate app with HomeStack is the key to reinforcing your real estate brand. When you’re ready to stand out as a real estate leader, book a demo HERE or drop us a line to learn more. We can’t wait to help.

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