Kristin Halton leveraged her real estate app to build a west coast brand and a top 1% team

March 27, 2024
Client Spotlight

Kristin Halton is the founder of The Halton Group, a team of realtors specializing in luxury properties and ranked in the top 1% of realtors nationwide. For the past 22 years, Kristin has helped countless families find their dream homes and build wealth through real estate. When she was just starting out, however, she knew that creating a strong personal brand and implementing real estate tech, like creating a branded app with HomeStack, would help her to stand out in a highly competitive Orange County, California, real estate market.

“I was one of the original realtors to create my own white label real estate app in California with HomeStack. I wanted to build a brand for myself and my real estate team and by providing them with the most cutting-edge realtor mobile app, it has helped me to accomplish that and more.”

We recently visited Kristin at her headquarters to chat with her about why she thinks her HomeStack app is the best mobile app for real estate agents and how she uses it to stay up-to-date on fluctuating property information - all day, every day.

Best Mobile App for Real Estate Agents and a Growing Real Estate Team
As a real estate team leader of 8 agents, Kristin loves that each realtor on her team has their own version of the app complete with a unique QR Code. “When my real estate team members are hosting an open house, they have them click their QR code and they automatically get the person's information. We are also adding value to the potential client because they can immediately start searching for homes with us right on the App. As opposed to Zillow where you could lose them to another agent.”

Your Real Estate App Allows You to Stand Out and Be a Local Expert
For Kristin, being engrained in the Orange County community is her passion and a cornerstone of her real estate business. "What I can do to stand out in my local market is use my realtor mobile app as a local guide for my clients, and sphere of influence. I have the ability to add custom links to all of my favorite coffee shops, beaches, and places that only locals know about. For clients who are looking for a handyman or a service provider, everything is in my real estate app! I am always directing people back to my real estate app, that way it reinforces my brand and I am notified so I can engage with them and follow up right away for a stronger connection."

The Halton Group Real Estate Team
The Halton Group Real Estate Team

Data in my Real Estate App is Better than MLS
For Kristin, data is power. "I have access to my MLS and all the various real estate search engines, but I always find myself using my white-label real estate app. It is the most simple and accurate method to search for properties. I literally open my app and I can find any information on any house nearby.”

Streamlines the Real Estate Process for Relocating Buyers and Sellers
“I work with a lot of out-of-town buyers, so our real estate mobile app built by HomeStack is perfect for their search. I had an out-of-area client...we streamlined all our communications through my app and handled the whole search journey remotely. When they finally came out we put an offer on the first house, it was accepted and we were in escrow! To have my own custom real estate app for me and my team just makes life easier, especially for out of towners in a world where everyone is mobile and on the go.”

Don't Be Afraid to Use Real Estate Technology, It Will Help You Scale
"If someone were to ask me if should I build my own real estate app with HomeStack, the answer would be absolutely YES! I created my own real estate app when HomeStack first started in California and I have used it ever since. It sets you apart from the competition and it is an amazing real estate tool for my real estate clients and my real estate agents, so absolutely, create a real estate app with HomeStack.”

Make sure to follow along with Kristin and her Douglas Elliman Team @kristin.halton

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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