Jon Cheplak, Dan Beer and Bill Pipes Principles for Limitless Success

March 27, 2024
Client Spotlight

What do strategic real estate coach Jon Cheplak, legendary investor Ray Dalio and the hit television show "Saved By The Bell" have in common? Principles. The core fundamentals that rule your personal, professional and financial outlook.  (Alright, you caught us… Mr. Belding is a Principal)

Over the weekend, the HomeStack Team replaced our tech hats with cowboy boots for the Agent Academy event in Nashville - and it didn't disappoint! We watched, Jon Cheplak, international real estate coach, Dan Beer, HomeStack client and leader of Beer Team ($612M in production, 2021), and Bill Pipes, trainer and coach go in-depth on recruiting, sales management, and leadership.

HomeStack at Agent Academy Nashville
@homestackapps at Agent Academy

Throughout the event, we learned that Jon Cheplak's knowledge is only surpassed by his energy and his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. We gained even more key principles below:

1. “Always Be a Lighthouse”💡
With HomeStack headquartered in Los Angeles, I never put much thought into deconstructing the lighthouses that line our coast. Fundamentally, a lighthouse is a tower that provides 1. Warning… Stay away! 2. This is the way (insert Baby Yoda) 3. Shine bright, give direction, be the “North Star”.

In the simplest form, leadership helps those who are doing poorly to do well and those doing well to do even better. Amid a unique real estate market and recent economic shock, we can expect even more volatility in the market, which may impact our team members' moods, confidence, and performance. As a leader, you need to remain consistent and stable in an ever-changing and evolving world. Be a lighthouse!

2.“Foundations of Leverage”📈
To be successful as an agent, team lead, or broker, you need to have an advantage and the key advantage is leverage, broken down into three main categories: financial, people, and digital.

Financial. “Just throw some money at it.” How many times have you heard that phrase, but are not sure what it meant? Capital allows you to see a return on your investment if you invest right.

People. “Recruiting is a war zone… with a reward at the end,” Jon stated. "Agents can go fast by themselves, but real estate teams can go far with others" which makes recruiting a vital part of the game.  Jon was joined by Sphere Rocket CEO, Justin Nelson, to explain how their services enable you to scale your operations at a fraction of the cost using virtual assistants. Whether you are attracting new agents, seasoned vets, or operational support, he pointed out “The time between thought and action is the difference in scaling speed!”

Digital. “Code and media are permissionless leverage. They’re the leverage behind the newly rich. You can create software and media that works for you while you sleep.” -Naval Ravikant, entrepreneur, investor, CEO.

Imagine a world full of automation and personalization? Where you have a workflow engine operating 24/7/365. Enter, three of the featured companies at Agent Academy: HomeStack, Follow Up Boss, and Media Bridge. Having a custom real estate app powered by HomeStack, like the Beer Team's, San Diego Real Estate app, (often referred to by Dan Beer as his "secret weapon") ensures agents and clients can connect and collaborate during their home search journey. With a direct connection to the MLS and the ability for consumers to set up  Saved Search notifications, it ensures quick and accurate data in an ever-changing real estate environment.

Follow Up Boss is a best-in-breed CRM ensuring your leads are continuously nurtured. Did you know, HomeStack and Follow Up Boss have a direct integration? Allowing you to build the ultimate real estate tech stack? Learn more here.

Media Bridge is a new kind of agency that combines media buying and creative services to help real estate companies and more grow and win.

The first order of business should always be to get your technology and marketing ducks in a row.

3.“The WHOLE is bigger than the part, when the Part serves the whole, the WHOLE gives back to the part tenfold.”♟

Traveling back on my flight from Nashville to LA, I had a window seat, some almonds, and a book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success” by Deepak Chopra. Deepak refers to an idea known as The Law Of Giving, which perfectly explains this principle highlighted by Jon Cheplak.

Deepak states “The more you give, the more you will receive because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given. That which doesn’t multiply through giving is neither worth giving nor worth receiving. If through the act of giving, you feel you have lost something, then the gift is not truly given and will not cause an increase. If you give grudgingly, there is no energy behind that giving.”

Your agents and relationships are like compounded interest. When you invest in them, the universe tends to give you 10x back.

These were just a few core principles that Jon Cheplak, Daniel Beer, and Bill Pipes focused on throughout the weekend. What an action-packed time it was. Time to put our tech hats back on.

When you’re ready to crush your goal of becoming a top agent, book a demo HERE. We can’t wait to help.

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