8 RealTrends Winners Tips for Massive Growth Using Tech

March 27, 2024

Each year, RealTrends + Tom Ferry rank America’s best real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate teams in the industry. Lucky for us, the list is dominated by HomeStack app users, so we get a sneak peek at the secrets to their success.

We asked 8 of these top-producing rockstar realtors to share their best advice for real estate agents trying to achieve their level of growth using tech. These realtors are in the top 1.49% of more than 1.6 million licensed Realtors® nationwide, so trust us, their answers will benefit your real estate business.

Advice For Real Estate Agents Looking To Grow Their Business

Kathy Pounds Team

"I have been in real estate for over 35 years and I have never stopped evolving my marketing strategies. I built a custom real estate app with HomeStack for my team to increase our lead generation and keep up with today's tech-savvy clients. No matter how experienced you are, if you are not pushing yourself and your real estate team forward, you will be left behind. HomeStack clients dominate the RealTrends list because they are always one step ahead of their competitors."
- Kathy Pounds, The Kathy Pounds Team

Chase Cromwell, The Cromwell Group

“Leveraging real estate tech such as my Homestack app has been a great tool for our success over the past year. My team has been able to retain more buyer leads than we ever have before by not losing them to mega-sites such as realtor.com, Zillow, or Redfin. We are only as good as our real estate tools and what our tools can offer, this is why we are constantly filling our tool belts with the best technology we can like HomeStack.”
- Chase Cromwell, Cromwell Home Group

Smith Group Real Estate

“No matter how long you have been in the real estate business, there is something to be said for local knowledge. Anything you do to give the perception that you are THE local agent is key. You do this by using information from your real estate mobile app. There are a lot of real estate apps that suck, so when you have one that works (like HomeStack), that I use and my team uses it, it is a compliment to the company developing it.

The truth is, if you are a new agent and not getting your own branded real estate app and using tech tools, you're not going to last. I wouldn’t recommend that a new agent get their own real estate app, I would require it, just like I would require that you really take this business and treat it like a business."
- Tim Smith, Smith Group Real Estate

The Halton Group

“I work with a lot of out-of-town buyers, so using our real estate mobile app from Homestack for their search perfect. I had an out-of-area client that was referred to me through my app. We streamlined all our client communications through my app and handled the whole search journey remotely. When they finally came out we put an offer on the first house, it was accepted and we were in escrow! To have my own custom real estate app for me and my team just makes life easier for both me and our clients, especially out of towners in a world where everyone is mobile and on the go.”
- Kristin Halton, The Halton Group

Dan Beer RealTrends Tom Ferry

“Having a custom real estate app powered by HomeStack, like our Beer Team’s, San Diego Real Estate app, is our “secret weapon”. It ensures our real estate agents and our clients can connect and collaborate during their home search journey. With a direct connection to our MLS and the ability for consumers to set up Saved Search notifications, it ensures quick and accurate data in this ever-changing real estate market."
- Dan Beer, The Beer Home Team

Carolyn Young, Carolyn Young Team

“I introduce my branded real estate app in all my buyer consults and listing presentations. I say, we have our OWN real estate app! It is very nice for you when you are looking for houses because it doesn’t sell your information, you won’t have anyone calling and bothering you, it's effortless. Plus you can schedule a showing in right our app and favorite the properties your love - it’s that simple. Our buyers love that they can customize it to find the areas and homes they want.”- Carolyn Young, The Carolyn Young Real Estate Team

OSCAR Tortola Group

“As a team leader in today’s real estate market, arming my real estate agents with the latest tech is an absolute must. The ability to provide our clients with immediate up-to-date access to homes on the market is crucial! Having our HomeStack real estate app in our arsenal is a huge plus when it comes to capturing clients and staying in constant communication with them!”
- Guillermo Altamirano, Oscar Tortola Group

How a HomeStack Real Estate App Empowers Your Success

Implementing the right technology is an essential step toward growing a real estate business. When selecting a vendor, it’s important that the software is multidimensional. You need it to offer features that will allow you to scale, such as lead generation, digital marketing, nurturing and conversion, CRM integration, and more. You need software that grows with your real estate business and won’t outgrow it in a year or two. A HomeStack custom real estate app has the capabilities mentioned above and helps real estate agents, real estate teams and real estate brokerages implement all the best practices used by the top performers on the RealTrends + Tom Ferry list.

HomeStack has years of experience building realtor mobile apps that have boosted performance and increased productivity as a result. When you’re ready to learn how to build your own real estate app, book a HomeStack demo to learn more. We can’t wait to help.

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