How To Optimize Your App Store Ranking

September 7, 2023

So your app is now live in the App Stores, Congratulations! We are as excited as you are about your very own mobile real estate agent app. Theoretically, if your clients or potential clients search your App Name in the App Store, they should find it at the very top, right? Although this would be ideal, sometimes it’s not always the case. The key factor here is App Store Optimization, or ASO. Not unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ASO allows for potential clients to see your app first before anyone else’s, and better yet, actually download it! As the popularity of mobile apps continues to surge, the pros at HomeStack wanted to provide some helpful tips so you can not only maximize your ASO, but master your discoverability as well.

Reviews and Ratings

First and foremost, the most effective way to help your app gain priority in the App Stores is to ask your users to review it! Would they recommend the app to a friend? What’s their favorite feature? Apps with higher ranking and more reviews will typically gain more downloads, along with ranking higher in the App Store.

You can even monitor user activity on the backend, making it easier to reach out to your clients. Find ways to connect with your clients through your app. This will help you build a relationship with them so they will feel more comfortable reaching out to you if they have any issues or even better, leaving a positive review. Once you see that they have gained value from the app, that's the perfect time to ask them to rate it!

Look at how better star ratings improve your app store conversion rates on average:


The next most important piece of this is your keywords. What words would your target audience use when they’re trying to find your app in the App Stores? Consider keywords your competitors might use, how is your app different than theirs? 1 in 4 app users will discover apps through a search engine. Make sure they can find you! Simply having a keyword in the title of your app will automatically increase your ranking by 10.3%. Choose words that are the most relevant to your real estate brand. Think about geographic location, what you specialize in, etc.


It is important that the app description you choose speaks directly to your users. It should grab their attention right away and the functionality of your app should be conveyed clearly. This is where understanding your target audience is vital. What is the reason they are downloading your app? Taking these things into consideration will help you narrow down the description you want to use. Also don't forget to put the keywords you chose here in a natural way.


Generally, apps with a larger amount of downloads will gain higher rankings in the App Stores. All the more reason to promote your app, right? Utilize social media to encourage your friends and clients to download your app. Make your app easily accessible through your website, text it to your friends, even add a link to the App Store to your email signature. Share screenshots in the App Store, think about what features your users will value most.

Plan your posts ahead! It can be easy to fall behind on your social media posts. The more your clients are prompted to download your app, the better results you will have! Even something as simple as a hosting small giveaway to one person that downloads your app can be effective.

Pro Tip: Creating the Perfect App Icon

Keep it simple! Make sure there aren’t too many different elements, while also making sure the app icon design isn’t bland. Keep in mind that this icon will be on a very small scale. So try to limit the amount of words, if you chose to use any at all. If it looks too busy, it can take away from the effectiveness and impact of the design.

Any symbols on your icon directly reflect what your app is all about. This will give your client or a new user a better idea of what to expect from your application. Your icon should coincide with the look and feel of your login screen, app color, and app name. Having a unique design for your icon is going to help make it stand out and be more successful.

All in All, ASO does take time to achieve and requires patience. As the CEO of MobileDevHQ Ian Sefferman stated, “ASO is not a simple process, and you might not see the impact overnight, but if you’re willing to invest in it, the outcome can be incredibly worthwhile.” We hope you found this post helpful with all of your ASO endeavors!

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