How to Close More Deals with a Custom Real Estate App

July 27, 2023

As a real estate agent, you may have an easy time gathering leads, but struggle with how to make the most of the leads you are collecting. HomeStack is here to offer you a few tips on shifting real estate lead generation into lead conversions. Learn how to convert leads into lifelong clients.

Gather Your Leads Into Individual Groups

Rather than have a single list of all your leads, you’re much better off separating leads into themed groups. For instance, you can group leads according to the specific types of properties they prefer, if they share their findings online or with friends, or if they’re working within a specific price range.

When you use the information obtainable through apps for real estate agents to create lead groups, you can personalize the information you choose to share with members of those groups. Think of how annoying it is to see ads about gym memberships if you already get plenty of great (and free) exercise walking or running. The more personalized you can make your campaigns, the more likely leads are to respond to the information you share with them.

With this tip, there are likely to be leads who are looking at houses, but they aren’t quite ready to buy yet. You can help them and yourself at the same time by offering insights on how the real estate market works, what to expect during the buying process and how to go about getting pre-approved for a mortgage. By offering such vital information and displaying patience, there’s a good chance those leads will choose you as their agent when they are ready to buy.

Make the Most of Gathering Contact Info and Keeping Track of Site Interactions

You can catch people with a great-looking site or app, but can you keep them engaged? To make it more likely that potential clients will willingly give up their contact information, even if it’s just an email address, offer them something of value.. For instance, you can offer more pictures of properties, a newsletter that provides the latest real estate market insights or a home valuation or comp report for those who provide their contact info.

To make the most of this, familiarize yourself with apps for real estate agents. As an agent, you need a real estate CRM app that can build a robust profile for leads, including their contact information. After the CRM has laid down a solid foundation, you can build on that profile by adding information to it as details become available about each lead. Make the most of every bit of information you receive to better your chances of converting leads into clients.

Keep a Close Eye on Real-Time App Behavior

In real estate, you know you have to strike when the iron is blazing hot, and not a second later. When it comes to lead conversions, this means keeping a close eye on leads who return to your app time and time again. When they do, you’ll want to reach out to them for a follow-up. The fact that they’re back on your app means a specific property might be on their mind, and you contacting them could give them the information necessary to make the right decision and close a deal.

Real estate lead generation

You can think of this like going into a department store looking for a specific product. With a bit more information to help narrow down your options, you’d be willing to buy something. When there isn’t a store associate available to answer your questions, you may decide to leave and take your business to a company that makes an actual effort to help you out rather than allow you to flounder in confusion.

Connect to Leads One-on-One

For all the advantages apps and real estate technology offer, there is still great power in having a one-on-one conversation. The great thing about today’s technology is that there are so many ways to communicate. You can carry on a conversation through email, chat and text messages with leads who prefer electronic communication. There are sure to be leads who don’t mind phone calls, so be sure your number is easily found on your app, website and social media profiles.

Because most people like to be the ones who reach out to real estate agents first rather than have agents initially call them, make it easy for people to contact you however they wish, whenever they wish. When someone does reach out in the hopes of having a conversation, get back with her or him as soon as possible; otherwise, your leads may run into the arms of another real estate agent.

Playing smarter rather than harder is most certainly the name of the game with it comes to lead conversion. Put these tips to good use, and don’t hesitate to reach out to HomeStack if you’d like even more insight.  

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