How to Build the Ultimate Tech Stack for Your Real Estate Team

April 3, 2024

Kendall Bonner’s strategies for integrating her HomeStack App + her Follow Up Boss CRM to create the ultimate customer journey that builds relationships, saves time, and has scaled her real estate business.

When Kendall Bonner, founded her team from scratch in 2021 she knew the only way to thrive was to have the right systems and tools in place from the start. A self described "techie" she dove head first into Follow Up Boss as her CRM, but was looking for a tool that integrated that would allow her to communicate and collaborate with her customers more efficiently.

“A couple of years ago, I was at a coaching event and I heard Daniel Beer sharing about his amazing new tool - his branded real estate app. I was intrigued because it ticked off all my boxes: the tech box, the marketing box, and the lead generation box. I believe technology should always do a couple of things: enhance the customer's experience and make the agent's life more efficient and the combination of HomeStack + Follow Up Boss, does just that. It was a no-brainer for me and my team."

HomeStack partnered with Follow Up Boss to find out how Kendall and her real estate team maximize their real estate CRM + their branded real estate app to protect client relationships, save time and get to the negation table faster. Watch or read on for more!

Integrate Your Systems to Enhance the Customer's Experience and Make the Agent's Life More Efficient.
One of Kendall's key elements to running a successful team?  Leveraging tools that integrate together. “It’s no bueno to go from one system to the next to the next to have a one conversation with a customer. Most realtors have multiple lead sources and it’s a pain to have to go into all of those systems. We love the integration between Follow Up Boss and our HomeStack App…my real estate team can log into their FUB dashboard and see all of a client’s activity, if a client “hearts” a property in or saves it in their app. It's all in one place so no duplicative efforts or wasted time for the agent or the customer. It is the easy experience they are all looking for. Teams will be like, Oh our MLS comes with a FREE App. Let me tell you guys it is not customizable like this.”

Use a Branded Mobile App to Get to the Negation Table Faster
Kendall's strategy for using her app for lead generation is simple: her real estate team shares their app regularly with every person they meet. “Evey one of my team members introduces their app at the buyer consultation. Before they leave from meeting with us, were like “Whip out your phone, download my App, and select me as your agent.” This way the agent and customer are now directly connected, added to their Follow Up Boss and they can see all search activity. In that face-to-face time, don’t forget to get that customer connected to your tools. We're often thinking about a million things, but that is a great time to get them on your App right then and there. It gets them excited and looking at properties right away, so you can get to the showings, to get to the negotiating, to get to the closing!.”

Protect Your Relationships with the Right Tools or You May Lose Opportunities
“The reality is, customers are going to find you and you and you and you. Those of us who are doing this “correctly” with the right tools and systems, are going to funnel those people into our eco-system and our world. When you do that, you protect those opportunities from being “purchased” from other lead generators. Give them a good experience to enjoy, no one wants to look at a web browser on their phone, they want a mobile app on their phone - where they spend 90% of their time. We need to give our customers, what they want when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it.

Drive Traffic to the Content You are Creating that is Helpful and Relevant to Your Customers
“The Custom Push Notification is a game changer! Let me say that again for the people in the back - Push Notifications are a game changer! My real estate agents market to their database, and if you are on a team, you can blast Open Houses to the database of the entire team because you never know who is working with a customer who may be interested in that home. Also events! We have parades, and festivals, and attractions. This is a great way to introduce people to your community and spread the word about what is unique about your city. If you drop a podcast or YouTube video, drive traffic to your channels and to the content you are creating that is helpful and relevant to those consumers. It is such a powerful tool - people will ignore their email and text, but they often do not ignore the push notifications from their apps because it's relevant to them.P

Connect: Phones are Rarely More than an Arm's Length Away From Us
“Our phone is the first thing we look at when we wake up, its the last thing we look at before we go to bed, and it's the thing we look at throughout the day. People want to be efficient during times of inefficiency, like standing in line. Whether it’s playing a game, to keep your brain working or reading and email or Hey, I'm in the home buying process or I'm thinking about selling my home, let me take a look in this app and gain knowledge in what's happening in the marketplace. Consumers don’t have access to stats and data they way real estate agents do. In this branded app, they can look at relevant properties and that is what they are going to be doing, exploring their options of what is out there - so why not be where they are at - which in on their phone, that they look at 100 x's a day.”

Make sure to follow along with Kendall on Instagram @kendallebonner and watch the full webinar with Follow Up Boss on Lab Coat Agents YouTube channel here.

Want to learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage. that will integrate with your real estate CRM? Learn more here.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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