How Nick Weitekamp Uses Tech to Recruit, Retain and Engage Top Realtors at West USA Realty

March 27, 2024
Client Spotlight

Nick Weitekamp has empowered 3,100+ real estate agents at West USA Realty to leverage their HomeStack App + Wise Agent CRM to grow their network and create the real estate business of their dreams.

At West USA Realty, the #1 independently owned real estate brokerage in Arizona, EVP Nick Weitekamp has made it his mission to inspire realtors to not just “buy or sell the next house” but to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to establish a real estate business with longevity. He and his team focus on providing their realtors with a foundation that includes training on business building and the latest real estate tech tools to scale their businesses into the future.

“We teach our agents to not just collect a book of clients but to embrace an entrepreneur mindset. Realtors are constantly bombarded with the “next shiny object”. What we do at the brokerage level is filter through the noise and find the real estate tools that actually move the needle. That is what our West USA App, built by HomeStack and our Wise Agent CRM do. Our realtors don’t have to waste time trying a 1000 different tools, we do it for them so they can focus what they do best - grow their real estate business.”

HomeStack sat down with Nick and Eleni Sommerschield, COO of  Wise Agent CRM, to learn how Nick educates the realtors at West USA Realty to maximize both of these real estate tools to fill their pipeline, engage clients and save massive time with automation. Watch the full webinar or read on for more of Nick's tips!

1.  What Your Focus on in Your Brokerage is What Will Grow
“One of our motto's at West USA is, what you focus on is what grows. We talk about our West USA mobile App and how it works with the Wise Agent CRM daily. We allow agents to work with their CRM of choice, but we continued to get frustrations from them about other CRMs support departments. We chose Wise Agent as our CRM partner because understood that the agent has to know how to use the product first and if they don’t know how to do that, it’s going to be the gym membership they pay for monthly and never use. The CRMs and tech companies that show the agents how to use the product, share their app, set up drips, add in leads, are going to be the tools the agents are going to be more comfortable with and use regularly."

Nick Hosting the West USA podcast
Nick Hosting the West USA podcast

2. You Don't Want a Sad Empty CRM, Use Your Real Estate App to Fill Your Pipeline
“Having a CRM is great, their agents knowing how to use the CRM even better, but how are they building a funnel? If you don’t have a way to start the conversation then your CRM is sitting there empty and sad. A mobile app branded to each agent made perfect sense for West USA. Our agent's were getting calls from client's finding a house on X,Y, Z mobile app and they were running into bad data. These other companies are trying to steal their clients personal info, so why not give our agents a branded mobile app to share with their clients, cut out the other companies and  have a tool to work directly with clients on their home search and engage in good conversations to find their next home. That is what this real estate app allows them to do.”

It also fills their pipeline. When real estate agents share their branded mobile app with their friends and sphere of influence, it grows their database and then they have lots of people to have these quality real estate conversations with.”

3. Integrating a CRM Allows Agents Follow Up to Be Running at All Times
"Efficiency especially as a business owner is important. Removing any obstacle and then streamlining your tech stack for everything to talk to each other, is a great reason for our agents jump into both their branded real estate app + Wise agent CRM. We do monthly classes on both and we go over integrating the two and then what are you doing with that client data once you get them into your CRM? Get them on an email or text drip campaign, reminders to get in enough touches? Agents are working really hard on getting prospects to use these pieces of technology like their app and now they go directly into their Wise Agent CRM, where we can set up automated efficiencies like email and text campaign drips, reminders to call, to make it a non-thinking thing, you don’t have to worry about the follow up, because your working on your business and growing it and all of the other real estate touches you have set up can just be running in the background.”

4. Want an Extra 1-2 Transactions a Month? Learn Your Tech Tools.
“When you run your own business you do it all. You're not only realtor but you are the chief marketing officer and admin to taking out the trash - you are very busy. Systems like your CRM and your branded real estate app take a lot of the guess work out and allow you to never miss a lead or follow up opportunity to to snag that 1-2 extra transactions per month, that low hanging fruit. We have agents who have been in the business for 5-6 years, who have not see a market this tough and if you have not been keeping up on touches to your sphere of influence, if you have not been sending them drip campaigns or using a mobile app to connect with them in a safe space your going to be missing out. So please use these tools, it will make your life easier and your business more successful.”

Learn more about West USA Realty and follow along with Nick and the Real Estate Agents on Instagram @West USARealty.

Want to learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage. that will integrate with your real estate CRM? Learn more here.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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