HomeStack Launches Zapier Integration

September 7, 2023

HomeStack is very excited to announce our integration with Zapier! We've all heard that one of the major struggles in real estate tech is the fragmentation between tools. HomeStack wants to make sure that your mobile app can integrate with all of your other platforms and deliver an efficient and seamless interaction with your database of contacts. Moving information between one system to another can take hours of your time and creates plenty of opportunities for human error. With the new Zapier integration, this eliminates the steps to transfer your new leads and app analytics over to your CRM and other systems you use daily.

Now you can do so much more with HomeStack by connecting it to the other systems you use like Boomtown, CINC, Wise Agent, LionDesk, Follow Up Boss, Google Sheets, and Google Mail (and other 1500+ apps on Zapier) to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

How Zapier Works is an integration platform that helps users easily set up workflow automations in minutes with no coding required. It automates your day-to-day tasks and builds workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible. For example, when you get a new user sign up, a Zap could automatically create a new contact in your preferred real estate CRM then send a task to a salesperson to follow up. You could also add the new lead to an email marketing list and send the new contact a welcome message.

Get Started

Start connecting your apps with your HomeStack account today! If you've never used Zapier before you can signup for an account at and connect your HomeStack account, along with the other apps you use. Zapier offers a free account for basic use. You'll only need to upgrade your account if you want to unlock some of the more advanced features.  


In our first version of the integration, we've built out a few triggers. New User will trigger when you have a new sign up to the app. New Note will trigger when one of your app users have left a note on a property. Lastly, New Favorite will trigger when an app user has favorited a listing.

💡TIP: Zapier will ask for your HomeStack API Key while setting up your Zap. This can be found in your HomeStack Dashboard under the tab “App Settings”

Happy Zapping HomeStackians!

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