HomeStack + Follow Up Boss: 3 memorable days with one of the top real estate CRM’s

April 3, 2024

We admit it: we can’t stop thinking about the 3 days the HomeStack Team spent at FUBCON. Sure we were in Las Vegas, so we put it all on red and tried the secret drink at the Cosmopolitan…but it was more than that. Three days of watching and interacting with some of the most successful real estate industry leaders. Hearing their stories, advice, and wisdom…to say that we were inspired is an understatement…we are still in awe…

At HomeStack one of our goals is to integrate our real estate mobile apps with the best real estate CRM’s and we are excited to announce our integration with Follow Up Boss is live!  Attending their FUBCON event allowed us to learn how the most ambitious real estate professionals take their systems and teams to the next level,  leverage our mobile app with their CRM and so much more. Read on for our biggest takeaways!

Kendall Bonner at FUBCON

Shock and Awe Your Customer
Kendall Bonner lawyer, broker/owner of RE/MAX Capital Realty, team leader of The Kendall Bonner Team and contributing columnist for Inman News, advises using a Shock & Awe Campaign from her CRM that includes client success stories.

"Remember this is about shocking and awing the customer, to show them other people have used us so it's safe for them to use us as well."

She furthers the shock and awe by advising her real estate team to share their custom real estate app with every customers. This helps them to not only stand out from competitors but it automatically creates the user as new lead in their Follow Up Boss CRM. The real estate agent can then view all of their prospects search activity, favorite properties and more right in her FUB dashboard to better connect with them when following up.

Preston Guyton speaking at FUBCON
Preston Guyton speaking at FUBCON

Focus on Commitment, then Constantly Create and Adjust to Meet that Commitment
Preston Guyton Chief Visionary Officer for Palms Realty, Cheplak Elite Coach, and the founder of EZ Search, LLC, focuses on SEO, content marketing and tools like his EZ Search app powered by HomeStack.

Preston advises real estate agents to put a strong focus on commitment to reach their goals.

"A commitment we made as a leadership team is to always generate a minimum of 30-40 opportunities a month for each agent at Palms Realty...we are constantly creating content and adjusting our campaigns to meet this commitment. This commitment saw our database grow by over 50,000 last year, and this year we are committed to doubling our current database."

As a long time Follow Up Boss user, Preston remembers meeting the FUB team at a beach house in Kure Beach, NC for a company retreat years ago, and is in awe of how far the company has come. Integrating tools like his real estate CRM and branded real estate app are what grew his website from an average monthly user of 10,000 in early 2021 to over 200,000 monthly users in 2022. Not only adjusting to setting up new tools in 2023 but sticking to the commitment of leveraging those tools is what will set you apart.

John Cheplak giving the FUBCON Keynote

The Most Important KPI is What Moves a Humans Heart
John Cheplak is is a high performance business coach, consultant and speaker who believes growth of a business is in direct correlation to your personal development.

In John's keynote at FUBCON, he stated "The most important KPI is the what moves a human beings heart." for each of us it is different. He continued that "The thing that moves the human heart is what will move the numbers in your real estate business." His formula for real estate growth: #1 Training, #2, Action #3 Accountability, #4 Skill Build #5 Recommit. John advised every real estate agent to sit down, see where there is a gap in any of those 5 principals and recommit to working their tools and systems this year."

What's next for HomeStack + Follow Up Boss?
We are excited to integrate all of the real estate teams and real estate brokerages who we have built a custom real estate app for with their Follow Up Boss CRM. It will not only bring in new real estate leads to their CRM, but also buyer behavior like favorited properties, most viewed listings, saved searches and more allowing your to connect more closely with prospects and nurture relationships. Get your integration set up today.

Want to learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage. that will integrate with your real estate CRM? Learn more here.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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