Custom Push Notifications Are Here!

July 27, 2023

Notifications were already game changers because they keep your app users informed on just listed properties and updated on their favorite properties. They also put your brand front and center on their mobile device, keeping you top of mind! Learn more about our standard notifications here.

HomeStack is excited to announce that we have now rolled out Custom Push Notifications. HomeStack Pro Clients can now go into their dashboard and create a custom push notification to send directly to either individual app users or everyone!

Custom Push Notifications Now Live

Leverage our new-age marketing channel to talk to buyers, sellers and your sphere of influence in real-time. Deliver personalized push notifications directly to your users' iOS and Android devices. You can send a "one-off" birthday wish to a loyal client, or send an exclusive, never before seen virtual tour to your entire user base. The opportunities are endless; here are some of our favorite ways to use the new feature:

1) Share your open house and a link to your open house!

2) Share a blog article and give constant value, ie: Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

3) Video - Video - Video. Add a link to a Facebook Live event or a virtual tour of an exclusive listing!

4) Give a shout out to your vendors and their services! Interest rates are at an all-time low, link your users to your Mortgage Pro.

How does it work?

There are two types of alerts to choose from:

1) URL

2) Listing from your app

Simply choose from those two, then either enter the URL or choose the listing from the drop-down. Then you'll have a field to enter a Title and a Subtitle. Feel free to use emojis to add some color! And don't forget to always double-check spelling and punctuation... there isn't an unsend button.

HomeStack's custom push notifications are the ultimate engagement tool!


How do I know if I am on a Pro Account?

Log into your HomeStack Dashboard and you'll see a tab that says Alerts. If you do not see it and are interested in upgrading, give us a shout!

Is there a cap on how many I can send?

No, but keep in mind if you're abusing the notifications, it will result in your app users turning notifications off. Make sure your content is well thought out and used appropriately.

What if my client has push notifications turned off or only have email notifications on?

They'll never miss a message! Although it may not be a "push notification" if they have them turned off, each notification will be inside their alerts tab in the app.

Questions? Drop us a line at

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