How Mikki Ramey Overcame a Recession to Build the #1 Female Real Estate Team in Charleston

August 17, 2023
Client Spotlight

In 2008, Mikki Ramey entered the real estate industry in the midst of a global recession with one goal: to earn more in her first year in real estate, than in her first year of teaching. With the odds against her, she used consistency and foresight, like investing in digital marketing and real estate tech like her HomeStack custom real estate app. She went on to sell 4 homes that year and has never looked back.

14 years later, Mikki is the founder and the CEO of Healthy Realty, the #1 female real estate team in Charleston, South Carolina. She has scaled her business to a team of 10 who sold 186 homes in 2021 with a sales volume of 94 million.

We sat down with Mikki to chat about how her team uses their brokerage real estate app to stay connected to their sphere of influence and the #1 thing she would advise new realtors to do that would have saved her years of trial and error.

“When I first learned that I could build a custom real estate app for my real estate team, I thought we need to do this! My #1 reason was to get people off of searching on Zillow and and search for properties on a mobile app that is only connected to our team and branded to our real estate brokerage."

Level Up Your Real Estate Tools to Reassure Buyers in an Uncertain Market
“I would recommend building a custom real estate app with HomeStack because it is that next leveled tool for buyers who may feel hopeless in their search right now. Using our real estate app assures them that they will get immediate access to Charleston real estate. They like that I have another real estate tool in my tool belt for them to find the right property before anyone else."

Use Your App to Reset Seller Expectations with  Market Data
"On the real estate listing side, it’s fun for client's to be able to peak see, oh my neighbor is listing their house for that price, well I can get this much for my house right now. It really helps on a seller side or even just for a homeowner to know the value their home holds and know what's going on in your neighborhood and local real estate market, which is an important part of being a homeowner.”

Mikki Ramey and the Healthy Realty Team

Social Media and Video is Key for Real Estate Marketing
“I am very active on social media and I consistently make monthly videos for Instagram. At the end of each real estate video, my call to action is always don’t forget to download the Charleston Properties app so you have access to the latest properties in real-time. Video and social media is a very powerful method to gain app users and capture real estate leads."

Quality Lead Follow Up and Outreach Strategy for Past Clients and Sphere
“Our team uses our custom real estate app for good quality lead follow-up. One of our strategies is if we haven't heard from someone in a while it is a great reason to reach out and say, hey have you downloaded the Charleston Properties real estate app?  You get faster access to properties as soon as they come on the market. It’s not just your basic lead follow-up where you say have you seen any house blah blah. It gives a value add that we can offer when following up with our clients that really sticks."

Healthy Realty Team

Stay Consistent and Never Give Up on Your Real Estate Goals
"I started in real estate in 2008 during a global recession and it was a hard time for real estate. I would show 10 homes, and 8 would be vacant. My goal was to make as much money in real estate as I did in my first year as a teacher. In my first year in real estate I did manage to make 4 sales, BUT last year we did just a little bit better, we sold 186 homes at a volume of 94 million in 2021. We are the #1 all-female real estate team in Charleston. It's important to stay the course and you will eventually achieve your goals.”

Power in Numbers and Knowledge
"My advice to a real estate agent just starting out, which I wish I had done is to join a team. I went into real estate, just figuring it all out on my own and it took me really 10 years to build a team and have systems that work. I had to figure it all out on my own. If I had joined a team, I would have been where I am now, a lot faster.”

Make sure to follow along with Mikki @movingwithmikki and her Healty Realty Team @healthy_realty

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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