Leverage Your App’s NEW Chat feature to Boost Conversions

March 27, 2024

Every good Real Estate Agent knows that providing answers to incoming questions immediately is one of the biggest ways to keep your warm leads from turning cold. In today’s competitive market there is no such thing as “too fast” of a response. That is why we developed your App’s NEW real-time messaging feature Stack Chat—dropping today!

The world has gone remote and in a time where agents are handling sales, listings AND marketing, a swift response may seem near impossible.

This powerful in-app chat not only provides an always-on greeting to new users, but also allows agents to speak to customers instantly, at the moment of highest intent, when searching for properties in your App. Chat is also proven to be one of the most effective tools for boosting lead volume and conversions.

63% of mobile users expect to have a live chat feature. By not offering live chat, businesses have high chances of disappointing a large audience base. (Comm100, SuperOffice)

Why is Stack Chat important?

The moment someone downloads your App, it is not the end, but rather the beginning of a longer journey. Bridging the gap quickly, between a first interaction with a lead and engaging them, is critical for building long-term relationships with your prospects and converting them to life-long clients.

Today, consumer patience is at an all-time low. With 70% of Americans using three or more messaging apps it was only natural to add this to your app as a platform that will enable quick and effortless follow up and create a space to have meaningful conversations with prospects to turn those conversations into closings.

75% of customers worked with the first real estate agent they contacted and chances of qualifying a lead increase by 21 times when you respond within the first five minutes (NAR)
Now Live! Real-time messaging, Push Notifications, Chatbot 1.0, Share Listings, Multi-user Chat, Share special content like gif's on ios and more!

Use Stack Chat to See Results

By monitoring user activity in your App’s Insights tab, you can see what your users are searching, saving and favoriting to better understand what is most important to them. By combining that data with the quick response time Stack Chat allows, you can now turn that information into action by suggesting the perfect properties at the right time and be there to answer questions at that moment.

“Fifty-five percent of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their question.” according to Forrester.

Start with these tips [and stay consistent] to engage your app users immediately and provide value with a thoughtful and data-driven experience to convert them to life-long clients.

Start with these tips and stay consistent to engage your app users immediately and provide value with a thoughtful and data-driven experience to convert them to life-long clients.

1. Foundation: Say Hello!
Set up a welcome message in your Chatbot. Just as you would have someone greeting people into your office to make that perfect first impression, the same goes for your App.

2. Daily - Coffee & Insights.
Grab that cup of joe during your power hour and check out what your users are up to. Time to chat! Fire off some engaging morning messages to your most active users.

3. Weekly - Be the #1 Source!
Craft a market update or share a hot listing to everyone in chat! Every message that goes out

1) Brings them into your app and ecosystem
2) Will keep you top of mind! Let’s keep these folks off Zillow!

4. Ongoing - Stay Consistent
As your App users become accustomed to communicating with you via chat, stay plugged in daily to respond to your active users.

By harnessing the power of Stack Chat, you will be providing faster service, increasing qualified leads and building relationships that span years and transactions to come.

Ready to learn more about building a white label app? You can find more info HERE.

Learn more about building a white-label app for your real estate team or brokerage.


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